Justin Bieber photo
Justin Bieber

Oh, Justin: Bieber in Yasukuni causes international incident

Do you even geopolitics?
Apr 26
I don't have anything against The Bieb. In fact, I find the hate for him somewhat petty. I mean, it's not like he's against vaccines or whatever. That said, causing an international incident is something you really shoul... read
Black Desert photo
Black Desert

Black Desert might be the prettiest MMO I've ever seen

Let's hope it comes this way
Apr 12
And yes, I'm aware that this is technically a Korean game, and that this site is called Japanator, but dammit, this game is too pretty to not be worth a mention. And this isn't the first time we've highlighted a Korean game,... read
Japan photo

Japan ready to deal with potential North Korea attack

Well, for the most part
Apr 11
Oh, the woes of living close to North Korea. Anybody living close the antagonistic, aggressive dictatorship has to worry about their constant threats of attack. Even if most of these threats are mere political posturing, it's... read
World Order photo
World Order

CNN declares World Order the new Gangnam Style?

Mar 27
I know we just took a look at World Order's new video for Have a Nice Day yesterday on The Dose, but while scrolling through CNN's website I came across a pretty hilarious headline. "Is this the new Gangnam Style?" While I w... read
World War II photo
World War II

South Korea hosts 'Comfort Women' exhibit at French con

A major European manga festival is battleground for proxy war
Jan 31
The Japanese government is none too pleased by an exhibit at France's Festival de la Bande Dessinee d'Angouleme, one of the biggest manga festivals in Europe. The exhibit in question details Japan's atrocities during World Wa... read
Kingdom Under Fire II photo
Kingdom Under Fire II

Kingdom Under Fire II to set PS4 alight...someday

The Korean juggernaut returns!
Nov 14
Hey, remember Kingdom Under Fire? I do...sort of. Way back in the earliest days of Korea's game industry, Kingdom Under Fire was a somewhat dumpy fantasy-themed Starcraft clone. But developer Phantagram (and la... read
Daily Dose photo
Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: F.T. Island

Spicy Korean action
Jul 31
Sure, K-Pop sales may slowly be on a decline in Japan, but that isn't getting in the way of these amazing boys from Korea. We haven't featured any international bands in a little while, so I thought it might be appropriate t... read
Old Boy Trailer photo
Old Boy Trailer

Can the Old Boy remake bring anything new?

Why a remake?
Jul 11
When the film adaptation of Garon Tsuchiya's Old Boy manga was released in Korea, it sent shockwave across the film industry. The grittiness, plot, and twists still have people talking today, and its place in histo... read
Old Boy poster photo
Old Boy poster

Spike Lee's Old Boy remake gets a poster

What's the lines mean?
Apr 17
I never picked up the original Old Boy manga, but I was a really big fan of the Chan Woo Park film. Ever since I heard Spike Lee had decided to remake the film for Western audiences, I've been quite wary of the concept. Howev... read
DJMAX Technika Tune photo
It's enough to make you like KARA
Prior to playing DJMAX Technika Tune for this review, I could count the number of times I had listened to K-Pop music on one hand, one of those being PSY's "Gangnam Style". To some, that would make me only slightly more ... read feature


Gundam Style!

Aug 17
The hilarious Korean video for the song Gangnam Style by Psy has become an instant social networking phenomenon and overnight meme. I knew I wasn't alone when I started humming the words "Gundam Style" along with the song! Y... read

PSA: PlayStation Network Store to go down in Korea

Jun 20
Now yes, I know this site is called "Japanator", which would nominally keep Korean news off our radar - not until we launch our peninsular offshoot "Joseonator", anyway - but I'd think this news is significant enough to put u... read

The non-twin Olsen is in talks for the Old Boy remake

Feb 29
I want Pizza! Wait, wrong Olsen. Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of the sensation known as the Olsen Twins, is now in talks with producers about the lead female role in the Spike Lee's remake of Old Boy. Park Chan-Wook's ... read

A Daily Dose of Music: T-ARA

Sep 04
For today's daily dose we decide to cross the pond, and take a look and some exciting new ladies from Korea. T-ARA have released a Japanese version of their hit Bo Peep Bo Peep. The single is due on shelves September 28th, as the adorable ladies look to take Japan by storm. Nyan? read

Mnet teams up with Comcast to bring Asian media to cable

Apr 06
Exciting headline, isn't it? Sometimes, these cable deals can seem a little boring, but this one caught our eye: a company called Mnet is teaming up with Comcast to distribute Asian pop culture in a dedicated channel. So, the... read

Has North Korea been censored out of Homefront Japan?

Feb 17
Hey, ever watch Red Dawn? It's a movie about how America is taken over by the soviets. Homefront is a new game that's kind of like that, except you replace Russia with North Korea. Or, in the case of Japan's version of H... read

Morning Musume piss off Koreans with ill-advised blog

Nov 04
In a severe case of think before you type,  Kameri Eri and Tanaka Reina of Morning Musume fame have found themselves caught in a bit of racist trouble with a photo posted on Tanaka's blog. The photo has the girls posing ... read

Terrifying Pikachus will make both you and your baby cry

Oct 28
Oh god! What is going on here? What is happening with these things?Pikachu buggy rides are apparently a common sight outside stores in Japan, but in South Korea, they're a little, well, wrong. These things are goddamn terrify... read

North Korea demands apology for Japanese colonialism

Aug 13
Back in 1965, Japan and Korea put aside their differences over Japan's brutal colonization of Korea - which included forcing men into military service, forcing women into sexual slavery as "comfort women," seizing t... read

South Korea punishes people for their ancestor's crimes

Jul 21
Yes, this article does have to do with Japan, before you ask.During the colonization of Korea at the turn of the 20th century, there were a number of pro-Japanese Koreans that decided to help facilitate their new overlord's d... read

Koreans wage internet war upon 2ch, FBI on the case

Mar 04
Well, when on the internet Korea and Japan seem to be perpetually at war, but a more severe blow was dealt against Glorious Server-Downed Nippon apparently after a group of South Korean netizens orchestrated a Denial-of-Servi... read

Stick your tongue out at linguistics FAIL

Dec 22
Apparently, some South Korean parents are convinced that their children cannot speak English well because their tongues are too short. To combat this, err, problem, some South Korean doctors are now offering to perform a proc... read

Facepalm: Xenophobes call Korean kids 'spies'

Dec 20
Now look here, Japanese ultranationalists. I understand that you might be getting the willies over Korea. Its northern half lobs missiles at Glorious Nippon for giggles, and its southern half seems to be sucking up some of yo... read

FUNimation will make their own anime

Nov 24
FUNimation has appointed executive Chris Moujaes to the post of Director of Original Animation. Now, Moujaes, previous President and Chief Creative Officer of Boomstar Inc., seems like a reasonably qualified fellow, so there'... read

G-Dragon's Butterfly PV is stunning

Oct 30
Occasionally I'll throw up a PV by a Japanese artist, either because I want to showcase a new release, or just because I love the song. In this case however, we're taking a look at one of the latest releases by Korean solo ar... read

Pangya art director SeeD dies of illness

Oct 01
SeeD, the art director for the Pangya series of golf games, has passed away from an unnamed illness. The news first dropped on the Twitter feed of SeeD's friend, musical composer esti, who says that he'll write a memorial son... read

Square Enix sues FFVII Advent Children cosplayers for $325k [Update]

Aug 05
You think you're making a cool cosplay music video, and then Square Enix slaps you with a lawsuit, and you're forced to pay $325,000 for paying tribute (*cough*) to one of their properties.That's exactly what happened to Kore... read

Under the Radar: Korean Antique Bakery live action trailer

May 28
Here's something that I missed: Back at the end of 2008, a Korean version of the yaoi title Antique Bakery came out. The film follows the plot of the manga almost exactly, just transposing the names to Korean. And so the film... read

Does Japan need to build an underwater tunnel to South Korea?

Feb 24
The blog, Rising Sun of Nihon thinks so. They came up with six reasons why a tunnel needs to be built between Japan to South Korea. This thought process initially began rolling during the World Cup held in Japan back in 2002,... read

The mystery of the empty boats

Feb 06
Here is a very strange story over at Asahi, 29 empty boats within a span of just two months have washed up onto coastlines of seven prefectures that face the sea of Japan. Out of those seven prefectures, Ishikawa and Niigat... read

Korean Advent Children Parody music video

Mar 14
Not even a week later Japanator is graced with another parody video; this time it's an Advent Children Parody within Ivy’s newest music video, "Sonata of Temptation". This is almost an exact replication of Tifa’s fight ... read

Are Japanese longer than Americans?

Dec 20
In the dumbest survey I've heard of in a long time, Spanish researchers Andromedical say that Japanese men have slightly larger penises than Americans. Mainichi reports that Japanese rank 10th, with their 13 centimeters sli... read