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Week Ender - Swordswomen Edition

Feb 13 // Red Veron
[embed]34771:5428:0[/embed] "Tsuki Akari" Anime: Akame ga Kill! What's better than one female sword wielder who wears black and red? TWO female sword wielders in black and red! The sisters Akame and Kurome, just look really cool in this one and I can't decide which one I want to waifu more. I'll just waifu them both. Yes, "waifu" is a verb now.   [embed]34771:5429:0[/embed] "Yoake Umare Kuru Shoujo" Anime: Shakugan no Shana Simple ending with a great song and great art. Starts out all black and white then BAM! Full color art at the end with that great red hair.   [embed]34771:5430:0[/embed] "MEMORIA" Anime: Fate Zero An ending with a lot of stuff going on showing off the servants and masters. I love endings that give us a different glimpse into the characters that we never see in the show. We get to see the heroine Saber just being a badass in this one in the past.   [embed]34771:5431:0[/embed] "Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai" Anime: Kill La Kill Another ending that shows off a different side of the character from the show.We get to see the heroine Ryuko walking around and doing stuff that a normal teenage student would do. Probably taking place shortly before the beginning of the show, it's nice to see something "normal" in this crazy show for once.   So who's your favorite swordswoman and the anime opening/ending they're in? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Beauty and the Blade
There's something about women wielding swords that is just really appealing to me. We see them a lot in anime and manga so I know I am not alone in my infatuation in seeing women cut up some fools with a sword. I don't much e...

OP Up! Swordswomen Edition

Feb 10 // Red Veron
[embed]34766:5423:0[/embed] "ft." Anime: Fairy Tail I went through a few openings from this series and they were pretty good. I just wished I had the time to go through the series. Erza Scarlet is the swordswoman in this show and she has multiple forms where she wields different swords and she has a pretty cool design.   [embed]34766:5424:0[/embed] "Light my fire" Anime: Shakugan no Shana Here is a show that I can really get into, Shana's character design with that red hair and sword just really appeals to me. Also, JUSTICE.   [embed]34766:5425:0[/embed] "Spiral" Anime: Blood C I've featured this opening so many times before since it is one of my all time favorites; I love the opening, character designs, and the song. So it is no wonder I feature this one a lot. I enjoyed the series but didn't like the movie.   [embed]34766:5426:0[/embed] "Liar Mask" Anime: Akame ga Kill! Of course I love the eponymous Akame's design, her design is a favorite of mine with Saya from Blood C (featured above) just ahead of her by an inch when it comes to female sword wielders. That second opening above is pretty good too.   So who's your favorite swordswoman and the anime opening they're in? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Women with Sharp Steel
I just noticed that all the openings I chose for this week's selection featured characters whose design featured a lot of the color red. I love that a lot, and it's also a bonus that they have swords. So this week's selection...

Week Ender - Collectible Creatures

Feb 06 // Red Veron
[embed]34748:5414:0[/embed] "One Star" Anime: Digimon Savers I never got a chance to see this show but this is a pretty rad song. It's got one of those simple running along a sunset ending and it suits the music well.   [embed]34748:5415:0[/embed] "Let's join hands" Anime: Pocket Monsters - Best Wishes Season 2 Decolora Adventures A happy ending where everyone gets together at the end. Pretty uplifting if you ask me.   [embed]34748:5416:0[/embed] "Youkai Taisou Daiichi" Anime: Youkai Watch This is one of those dancing ending things that a lot of Japanese kid's shows do a lot and I like the idea of kids jumping around getting exercise after sitting for a half an hour in front of the TV.   [embed]34748:5417:0[/embed] "Toshishita no Boku" Anime: Medarot (Medabots in the US) This ending is soooooo 90's that it's giving me super nostalgia pangs. When I see and hear stuff in this style, I am instantly transported to those days when I would watch anime on those warm, late afternoons in my youth in the Philippines. So good.   Is there an anime or anime ending from a show all about collecting sentient creatures that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Collection Commercial
They sure did make a lot of cartoons that were secretly commercials back in the day and I gotta say that the ones from Japan were the best. The cartoons (which were secretly anime) had a different flavor compared to the US ca...

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Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: flumpool

Keep it rocking
Feb 05
// Hiroko Yamamura
The rock don't stop. It's finally Friday, and that means it's time to cut loose a little. To bring it in right, we have the Osaka four piece, flumpool. It's hard to believe they are now celebrating their ninth year with the new single, Yoru Wa Nemureru Kai? The high energy track is due to hit shelves next week, but has been available digitally for a bit of time. 

OP Up! - Collectible Creatures Edition

Feb 04 // Red Veron
[embed]34737:5404:0[/embed] "Chie to Yuuki da! Medarotto (Wisdom and Courage! Medarot)" Anime: Medarot Known as Medabots in the US, this show aired in english around the world in the early 2000s. This show is taught me all about takoyaki, which they refer to as "Octopus Balls" in english and it is appropriately weird enough that it adds to comedy of that episode. Oh and this show has sentient robots that battle each other. I regret not picking up that DVD of the first season for $5 that one time in that store.   [embed]34737:5405:0[/embed] "XY&Z" Anime: Pocket Monsters XY&Z The latest opening from the Japanese version of Pokemon, this version has male vocals unlike the original and it sounds so much cooler with that opening. So edgy.   [embed]34737:5406:0[/embed] "Geragerapou no Uta" Anime: Youkai Watch It's the new thing that the kids in Japan are into and putting up a great fight against the juggernaut that is Pokemon. A silly opening that is dumber in the US version but not so dumb that it's good like One Piece 4Kids opening.   [embed]34737:5407:0[/embed] "Butter-Fly (tri Version)" Anime: Digimon Adventures Tri The return of a favorite for those kids who watched cartoons in the late 90's/early 2000s, this show looked pretty good and I've her people should check it out now that all the episodes are out. The episodes are all from the first of six films and more are to come in the near future. It feels great to see old friends again.   Is there an anime or opening from anime with collectible creatures that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Gotta Collect'em All!
Commercials disguised as TV shows have been around since the dawn of television and they're still around. Anime just is one of those perfect medium (it's not a genre) to sell products to children and even adults, and anime fr...

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Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: BUMP OF CHICKEN

Rise from you Grave
Feb 04
// Hiroko Yamamura
Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, A Daily Dose returns for at least a little while. What could stir its return? Some amazing music pouring out of Japan of course! What better way to kick things back off than with the h...

Week Ender - One Year Anniversary Edition

Jan 31 // Red Veron
[embed]34730:5394:0[/embed] "Hito ni Yasashiku" Anime: The Rolling Girls I know this is opening of the series but the show did that thing where the first episode ends with the anime opening so it still counts and I like this song a lot (this cover version and the original by Japanese band The Blue Hearts). This was a show that started with some cool action but turned out was a sort of road movie type of adventure, at least the first few episodes that I watched were just that. I like look and design and I might revisit this show down the line.   [embed]34730:5395:0[/embed] "Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shinde Iku" Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Root A This is a pretty cool song and great looking ending. I'm glad I got to revisit this one so that I can be reminded to get this song for my music collection. Love that water color art, I think it's watercolor unless someone can correct me on it. I just really like how it looks.   [embed]34730:5396:0[/embed] "Jounsetsu CONTINUE" Anime: Yatterman Night A show set in a distant future where the heroes that once stood for justice and order become the villains that oppress the citizens in a police state rule. In this time, those who descended from villains that those heroes once defeated rise up to fight the injustice cause     [embed]34730:5397:0[/embed] "Colorful" Anime: Saekano: How to raise a boring girlfriend A show that I enjoyed that was harem and poked fun at the idealized elements otaku have with romance and characters. The main character wasn't oblivious to the girls but just wanted to like his 2D waifus.   [embed]34730:5399:0[/embed] "Last Train Home" Anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Egypt Hen I need to catch up to JoJo so much. Watch it as soon as you can.   Is there an anime ending/opening or anime from about a year ago that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know.
Week Ender photo
525,600 Minutes
It's been a year since I started these features and I'm still not good at it. There was a book that said that it took 10 thousand hours to be an expert at something, and I reckon I only like have 10 minutes of total effort pu...

OP Up! - One Year Anniversary Edition

Jan 29 // Red Veron
[embed]34723:5386:0[/embed] "Flyers" Anime: Death Parade A show that starts out as sort of collection stories of people ending up in a mysterious place where they play games to unveil the truth but turns into something so much more. I've only seen one episode but it is highly recommended by my colleagues here at Japanator.   [embed]34723:5387:0[/embed] "Ano More de Matteru" Anime: Yuri Kuma Arashi The craziest and weirdest show of last year (or at least that season), this one is about a world where bears gained human level of intelligence and rose up against humanity. The show takes place years after the uprising where humans won but everything is all weird and lesbians are involved and it just gets weirder from there on. Apparently inspired off incidents of bear attacks in a rural Japan in the early 1900s, which isn't surprising since the person who conceived Mawaru Penguindrum, a show inspired off of real life terrorist attacks.   [embed]34723:5388:0[/embed] "Miiro" Anime: Kancolle: Kantai Collection Based off a wildly popular online strategy game featuring cute anime girl anthromorphized World War 2 ships fighting alien water crafts, this one mostly doesn't make sense if you think too hard much about it. Just enjoy it for what it is even with the weird setting.   [embed]34723:5389:0[/embed] "Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou" Anime: Koufuku Graffiti A pretty show about cute girls enjoying beautifully drawn food that is as appetizing as the cute girls (HEYYOOOO). This also has a cute slice-of-life story too along with the food.   [embed]34723:5390:0[/embed] "Star!!" Anime: THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls An anime adaptation of a mobile game. ShibuRin is best girl.   [embed]34723:5391:0[/embed] "Seishun Satsubatsu-ron" Anime: Assassination Classroom An alien threatens the world's destruction in a year and the world cannot stop it, unless he can be killed by his students in a classroom where he is the teacher. Weird? Very interesting though.   So which anime did you love from a year ago? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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One Year War
So hey, it's been a year since I came back to Japanator and started these weekly features about anime opening and endings. Yes, I am also a couple of days late but life is much more crazy for me than it was a year ago when I ...

Week Ender - Anime Game Edition Part 2

Jan 23 // Red Veron
[embed]34712:5371:0[/embed] "Hanafubuki" Anime: Tokyo Majin An anime based on a franchise that dates back to a Tactical Turn-Based Strategy Role Playing Game on the original Playstation only released in Japan. This anime adaptation marked the first time the franchise made it outside Japan. I liked the show and this ending song is one of my favorite anime ending songs. Just check it out.   [embed]34712:5372:0[/embed] "Fighting Dreamer" Anime: Senran Kagura An anime based on a game created on the premise of wanting show anime boobs in 3D using the 3D display technology of the Nintendo 3DS. This ending sure has some fanservice in it for those who like the big anime boobies.   [embed]34712:5373:0[/embed] "I'll be your home" Anime: Devil May Cry - The Animated Series Based on the popular video game series, this adaptation took some liberties and didn't catch on with the fans that much. I don't really remember much about the show except that they added that little girl character to show off Dante's caring side. They should've just added a puppy or a kitten.   [embed]34712:5374:0[/embed] "Ano Kaze ni Notte" Anime: Valkyria Chronicles Based on the very gorgeous looking video game, this adaptation just wasn't as pretty and had some changes that didn't please the fans. What changes? Well, the female lead had some enlargement in the bust area. A shame this one didn't do so well since the game was absolutely brilliant.   Is there an anime and/or anime opening or ending based on a video game that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
Week Ender photo
Game and Watch (Again)
This week's selection of endings is all about Anime based on video games and this is the second time I've done this theme after about doing these features for almost a year. There are enough of these anime to warrant the...

OP Up! Anime Game Edition Part 2

Jan 20 // Red Veron
[embed]34709:5366:0[/embed] "JAP" Anime: Sengoku Basara A ridiculous over the top adaptation of a game that takes some liberties in retelling the warring states period of Feudal Japan. Historical figures are reinterpreted to be crazy looking characters that are out of a video game (which it is) doing superhuman fighting moves and other things that will make a historian cry. The opening is so action anime, I want to PUT MY GUNS ON!   [embed]34709:5367:0[/embed] "Dimension Tripper" Anime: Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation An anime based on a video game about characters that are anthromorphised video game systems based on real life video game systems. Confused yet? Well, okay. It's based on a game that is an role playing game about a kingdom where video game systems based on the real life game systems (Playstation, XBox, Nintendo) are rulers of their own nations have to band to together to fight an even greater threat. It's cutesy and some action are in there, it's not as serious as that summary I made but if it sounds and looks appealing to you, try it.   [embed]34709:5368:0[/embed] US Opening? I dunno Anime: Street Fighter II V This is the US opening and not the Japanese one. This show is remembered fondly by people and people loved this show back in the day. Brought to the US in the late 90's/early 2000's, this one isn't exactly accurate to the video games but fighting games tend to be iffy in what is canon anyways due to their nature. This is one is also remembered to NOT be the movie where Chun-li is topless in the shower for all of you wondering.   [embed]34709:5369:0[/embed] "Family" Anime: Gungrave This opening is one of those "non-traditional" openings for the more darker and "adult" anime that was common in the 90's. It suits the anime well and I vaguley remember playing the game, which doesn't hold up since we've come a long way with modern 3rd person shooters on controls and styles. Still looks really good with character designs from the author of Trigun.   Is there an anime based on a game that you love? SHARE YOUR FAVE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Game and Watch (Again)
So I've done this theme before, it's been almost a year since I started these opening & ending features and after doing almost 50 of these things, I've learned that I might eventually have to revisit themes and topics. Go...

Week Ender - Mystery Edition

Jan 16 // Red Veron
[embed]34703:5358:0[/embed] "Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku" Anime: Dangan Ronpa: The Animation I love how this ending starts out like an old school Famicom (NES for y'all westerners) game and is also one of those modular endings that change over the course of the show. Plus that song is rad.   [embed]34703:5359:0[/embed] "why or why not" Anime: Higurashi no Naku koro ni Not a bad song. In my opinion, that accent actually adds to the atmosphere of the song. This is one of those songs that add to the impact of what you just watched, letting it sink in while trying to ease you out. Because you're gonna need it for this show. Watch it for the mystery and horror, the true horror in this show is that it takes place in the early 80's where they didn't have mobile phones and internet.   [embed]34703:5360:0[/embed] "For the love of life" Anime: Monster Another one of those songs with that vibe suited for serious anime. It has that somber vibe that suits the show. Watch this show.   [embed]34703:5361:0[/embed] "Kimi ni matsuwaru Misteri" Anime: Hyouka A super cute ending where the heroines are dressed up like Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, while the male leads are criminal scum that are to be apprehended by the adorable detectives. I love this one.   Is there a mystery anime and/or mystery anime opening and/or ending that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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It was the butler!
I love mystery anime. There's just something about an animated medium that lends well to presenting a mystery. Live action, the written word and manga can be limited by the talent of the creators, though anime also has those ...

OP Up! - Mystery Edition

Jan 13 // Red Veron
[embed]34693:5351:0[/embed] "Grain" Anime: Monster Based on the critically acclaimed manga of the same name, this show has garnered attention even in the west with the likes of director Guillermo del Toro because it is just that good. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, just check it out for yourself if that little piece of info intrigues you enough.   [embed]34693:5352:0[/embed] "Sekai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!" Anime: Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Imagine if famous fictional detectives from literature had cute girl descendants who were detectives with super powers that fought skilled thieves who also have super powers. Now imagine those detectives lose their powers and are really incompetent and useless without said powers. This is that show, with comedy of just how silly the characters are and the ridiculous situations they get into while trying to get their powers and reputation back.   [embed]34693:5353:0[/embed] "Mikansei Stride" Anime: Hyouka This show is notoriously slow and can put some of you to sleep. But on the upside, studio Kyoto Animation makes everything look pretty and when stuff does get interesting when stuff happens in the show with regards to the characters solving mysteries in their school.    [embed]34693:5354:0[/embed] "Never Say Never" Anime: DanganRonpa: The Animation Special High schoolers find themselves locked in a special high school where a talking stuffed bear pits them all against each other in a twisted game of survival where they have to try to murder each other and face each other off in a trial to literally get away with murder. Dark and thrilling, this is a fun show despite the grim premise and has garnered quite a following.   Is there a mystery anime and/or mystery anime opening that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
OP Up! photo
The mystery genre is quite common in manga and anime, its a nice change from all the action involving swords and martial arts. The thrill and suspense rely more on the cerebral aspects and with a visual medium like anime and ...

Week Ender - High School Life Edition

Jan 11 // Red Veron
[embed]34690:5346:0[/embed] "Glitter Days" Anime: Kuroko no Basuke There hasn't been a super successful basketball anime/manga since Slam Dunk! in the early 90's until show came along, probably due to it appealing to shounen sports fans and a lot of the female audience that loves to fantasize about the characters in one way or another.   [embed]34690:5347:0[/embed] "Shissou" Anime: Ouran High School Host Club I love this ending and I love this show, a comedy with a bit of romance, this show is all about a poor student being roped into the "Host Club" in the rich school that the student goes to on a scholarship. Mix-ups happen and this is a superfun show with good comedy, don't let the flowery and girly opening fool you, this show is worth it for the laughs.   [embed]34690:5348:0[/embed] "Bokura no Tsubasa" Anime: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukinai A group of friend-less people in a school start a club in order to learn how to get friends. Great comedy here.   [embed]34690:5349:0[/embed] "Brave Song" Anime: Angel Beats! A student finds himself in a weird school where a club has dedicated themselves to fighting another student who seems to have super powers. Weird? Well, just watch it and brace yourself for the sad emotions you are about to feel. You have been warned!   [embed]34690:5350:0[/embed] "Ohi-sama" Anime: Daily Lives of High School Boys A great comedy about the silly and dumb things that high school aged boys do. That is the premise. The ending above does a great job in showing how this show is random and dumb but still worth a watch.   Is there an anime or anime opening/ending set in a high school that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
Week Ender photo
I'M LATE, I'M LATE! Oh hello! Sorry about that, we had some technical problems and I had some stomach problems this past weekend so this was hella late. So let's just get on with this week's selection of anime endings for Wee...

OP Up! - High School Life Edition

Jan 06 // Red Veron
[embed]34675:5335:0[/embed] "Driver's High" Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka Though this one is set in a middle school but when it comes to school-set anime/manga, Great Teacher Onizuka deserves a mention. The drama can be quite heavy here that you may forget that these kids are in middle school and not high school at times. GTO is a sequel to an okay delinquent manga with the titular character wanting to go teach high school so he can hit on high school girls and maybe even lose his virginity. Though one thing is in the way: he has a conscience and a heart even with his rough ways and looks. The anime is good but watered down compared to the manga because of the heavy stuff in the manga.   [embed]34675:5336:0[/embed] "Sekai wa koi ni ochiteiru" Anime: Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) A love story set in high school but started long ago in middle school. It's girl meets boy and they agree to hang out but boy doesn't show up. Girl goes to high school and meets boy again but he has a different name. I loved the manga but caught up to it, I've seen a tiny bit of the show but this opening is just so good and one of my fave shoujo openings.   [embed]34675:5337:0[/embed] "Kirameku" Anime: High School Girls (Girl's High) High school girls get into all sorts of stuff in this one, not a slice of life but there is fun and drama in there. I've only seen a bit and I did enjoy it.   [embed]34675:5338:0[/embed] "Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de JUMP!!" Anime: Baka and Test Here is the supernatural magic school setting anime, when I first heard of the premise--- a high school where students compete to be the best alongside having summon beasts and such. But this one is a straight up comedy where the usual main character is a dense idiot and everyone know about it rather than using dumb excuses as to why the MC just doesn't get that the ladies want him. A really fun show that will please SHAFT fans since the main staff behind this worked on shows by SHAFT. Avoid the manga, I hear it is bad.    Is there an anime or anime opening set in a high school that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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High School High
High School. It's a setting often seen in anime and manga. For those of that are in that high school age, it's a time of self-discovery and that time between childhood and adultlife where new things open up. It also happens t...

Week Ender - Best Endings of 2015 Edition

Jan 02 // Red Veron
[embed]34662:5317:0[/embed] "believe" Anime: FATE/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Another adaptation from this series that pretty much erases that horrible attempt more than a decade ago, this ending has a great song by kalafina and shows us some glimpses to the lives of the protagonists of this show.   [embed]34662:5318:0[/embed] "Hello, Shooting Star" Anime: Assassination Classroom A pretty ending for a show about trying to kill and alien teacher in a classroom or the the world will end. I love that chalkboard styled art with that soft rock song. I really need to finish the first season.   [embed]34662:5319:0[/embed] "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" Anime: Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) I know nothing about this show but I read Josh's description of it on his Japanator Awards list and seeing the ending above, immediately shot this show up to my top priority watch list.    [embed]34662:5320:0[/embed] "Never Say Never" Anime: Durarara!! X2 Shou The latest in the anime adaptation of this series about all the crazy stuff happening in urban metropolitan Tokyo, I am digging that song a lot.   WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ANIME AND/OR ANIME OPENING/ENDING FROM THIS YEAR?! SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I WANNA KNOWOWOW
Week Ender photo
Look back at the Best Endings of 2015
I gotta clear up one thing: The endings featured on here aren't the best endings of anime this past 2015 but the endings OF the best anime of 2015. There might be some anime from last year that may have been not so good but h...

OP Up! - Best Openings of 2015 Edition

Dec 30 // Red Veron
[embed]34655:5309:0[/embed] "Ring of Fortune" Anime: Plastic Memories [From Christian's List] A cute but still serious take on human and android relations in a world where humans coexist with human-looking androids that have emotions. The setting and the androids certainly lend well to the drama and this show has those as well as cute moments with the female lead who is just the best ever.   [embed]34655:5310:0[/embed] "Flyers" Anime: Death Parade [From Josh's List] A great show that's all about a purgatory-eque setting where people are judged to be sent to hell for their past sins. Pretty entertaining and certainly changes itself up for the better.   [embed]34655:5311:0[/embed] "I've been waiting in the forest" Anime: Yuri Kuma Arashi [From My Upcoming List] A bizarre show inspired from a series of bear attacks in rural Japan in the early 1900s which features lesbians and bears that turn into girls set in a world after all the bears gained human levels of intelligence. Still with me on this? Just watch the saccharine opening that equals the strangeness of this show.   [embed]34655:5312:0[/embed] "Kakushinteki☆Metamaruphose! (かくしん的☆めたまるふぉ~ぜっ!)" Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan [From Anthony's List] An anime about the perfect teenage girl that is beautiful and just an all around amazing student that is looked up at school. Then she gets home and becomes just like us, who loves anime and video games while gorging on chips and soda. A lot of people hate her character. Probably because we are her and we hate ourselves.   WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ANIME AND/OR ANIME OPENING FROM THIS YEAR?! SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
OP Up! photo
Best Openings of 2015
2015 was a great year for anime, we had anime that had bears that turned into girls set in a post-apocalyptic bear world and we even had a cute girl that was as much as a trash weeb we are in real life. Everyone has their per...

Week Ender - Fall 2015 Edition

Dec 27 // Red Veron
[embed]34644:5296:0[/embed] "Orphans no Namida" Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON BLOODED ORPHANS A simple ending full of emotion aided by a dramatic song. I love that pretty painting with everyone on the Gundam.   [embed]34644:5297:0[/embed] "Tokimeki poporon" Anime: Is your order a rabbit? Season 2 To quote the great Travis Touchdown, "MOE~". Full of cuteness to warm your frigid winter heart (even though it has been a warm winter in the US), this lives up to the moeblob cuteness of the show.   [embed]34644:5298:0[/embed] "Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru" Anime: One Punch Man A gentle and happy pop song to calm your manly macho jumping punch jets after each action filled episode. I mean, the animation studio has to calm everyone down or viewers  might go out punching stuff.   [embed]34644:5299:0[/embed] "Nirvana" Anime: Noragami Aragoto Pretty uplifiting song that swells up to that nice feeling at the end. I love the simple visuals with some nice coloring to highlight and give a different feel to each scene.   Is there an anime show/opening/ending from last season that you loved? SHARE IN COMMENTS BELOW! Embed it there if you want! I wanna know!
Week Ender photo
Last Season, I gave you my heart.
The final season of the year is over and we transition into the new year, I know many of you busy people are using the downtime in the holidays to catch up on anime, just like I am. So to give some of you a taste of the endin...

Kamen Rider Ghost photo
Kamen Rider Ghost

Kamen Rider Ghost's chiptune opening will brighten your soul

Pixels Open!
Dec 25
// Salvador GRodiles
If there's one thing that I love about watching Kamen Rider Ghost each week, it's the show's opening by the ouendan group Kishidan. On a joyous Christmas day, Megaane has used his Retro Eyecon to turn "We Think, Therefore We...

OP Up! Fall 2015 Edition

Dec 23 // Red Veron
[embed]34627:5291:0[/embed] "Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko dake" Anime: Osomatsu-san A sequel to a 1960's comedy anime, this one has the characters from that show all grown up and they're as funny as ever (or even funnier). Updated to appeal to today's audiences, one of the best anime comedies of the year.   [embed]34627:5289:0[/embed] "Bull's Eye" Anime: Hidan no Aria AA A sequel/spinoff to an anime that didn't get a follow up because it just didn't live up to its potential, this one is trying to pull a Certain Scientific Railgun where it exceeds the original from what I hear from my friend who loves yuri.   [embed]34627:5290:0[/embed] "Dear Answer" Anime: - Beautiful Bones - Sakurako's Investigation I've been hearing good things about this show so I will check out the day after Christmas when I have time to do stuff. Sakurako looks like waifu material.   [embed]34627:5288:0[/embed]  "Overdrive" Anime: Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Big booby warriors with girls that turn into swords and yuri stuff. Sounds like a fun time for those who like this sorta thing. I loved Senran Kagura on the Playstation Vita so if this has the same amount of care in the story, this might be good.   [embed]34627:5292:0[/embed] "THE HERO !! ~Okoreru Kobushi ni Hi wo Tsukero~" Anime: One Punch Man Go watch this if you haven't already (I read a bit of the manga, I plan on binging on this on Christmas break). A must for those who love Dragonball Z with the action and comedy thrown into the mix. One of the best of the year.   Is there an anime from this past season that you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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T'was a Good Season
The year is ending and another season is coming to a close, we say goodbye to some anime friends we spent time with, through their good times and their bad times. Looking at the stuff I selected for this week's OP Up!, it loo...

Week Ender: Wars in the Stars Edition

Dec 20 // Red Veron
[embed]34608:5282:0[/embed] "Hiru no Tsuki" Anime: Outlaw Star People keep telling me to see this show when I say I love Cowboy Bebop (Another one I recommend Star Wars fans) and Star Wars. This one has the main character starting out in some ratchet backwater planet and is then thrust into a great adventure. Sound familiar?   [embed]34608:5283:0[/embed] "Northern Cross" Anime: Macross Frontier A franchise that came after Star Wars that features dogfights and other stuff in space. Not exactly the same but it has humans fighting a great threat for survival.    [embed]34608:5284:0[/embed] "Eien ni Amuro" Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam A very 70's ending with the anime that gets called as the Star Wars of Japan. It's got space battles and a guy in a mask that gives the main character a great challenge. Also the giant robot mobile suits have laser swords, just like lightsabers!   [embed]34608:5285:0[/embed] "Utsukushii Chikyuu wo Shiru Mono yo" Anime: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 A remake of an anime that aired before the original Star Wars, this one gets mentioned a lot when asking about anime set in space. This one is a remake and there is even a live action version that didn't wasn't received well. Known in the US and internationally as Star Blazers, and was probably brought over because of the success of Star Wars.   Is there an anime that reminds of you Star Wars? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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The Force Awakens was AMAZING
DID YOU SEE IT? I SAW IT. I SAW IT TWICE. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing The Force Awakens twice in the past two days and it brought back my love for new Star Wars in full... FORCE (Pun intended, kill me now). So to ce...

OP Up! Wars in the Stars Edition

Dec 16 // Red Veron
[embed]34592:5258:0[/embed] "TANK!" Anime: Cowboy Bebop Ever wanted to see a Han Solo-esque character travelling through space, just trying to get by? Well, this show is just that. Just go watch it, it's easily available everywhere.   [embed]34592:5259:0[/embed] "Skies of Love" Anime: Legend of Galactic Heroes Want a show that focuses more about the space politics which involve an empire and an alliance? This one has it and more for those wanting a space opera with the drama.   [embed]34592:5260:0[/embed] "Active Heart" Anime: Gunbuster Do you like gigantic super weapons like the Death Star? Well, this show has something bigger than a moon and more. An anime that spans across time and space, this is an epic sage of a great war between humans and an alien force. Plus, it's really over the top in some parts and just plain ridiculous in others. Also very, very 80's.   [embed]34592:5261:0[/embed] "Fly! Gundam" Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam The anime often dubbed as "The Star Wars of Japan", this juggernaut of a franchise is an rival that is also stands as an equal. Gundam has everything that makes Star Wars great--- space battles, politics, ordinary people thrust into extraordinary roles, etc. but Gundam has GIANT PILOTED ROBOTS. Referred to as "Mobile Suits", these tools make amazing battles that allow for more intimate battle encounters between characters.   Do you know any anime that reminds you of Star Wars? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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In a galaxy far, far away...
This week is when the beloved saga continues, which one? The Star Wars saga, which is also widely popular in Japan and since 1977 when the first movie aired, has inspired generations of Japanese authors in crafting ...

Week Ender - Anime Idol Edition

Dec 12 // Red Veron
[embed]34573:5247:0[/embed] "Next Destination" Anime: Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Not your usual idol show, but this show does feature pop idol/warriors who fight inter-dimensional monsters by activating their powers through singing. This is an over-the-top show with action that has a bit of that music idol element in it. It's just fun watching the ladies kick butt while singing the most engrish pop song ever.   [embed]34573:5248:0[/embed] "Donna Toki mo Zutto" Anime: Love Live! School Idol Project This is one of the more popular idol anime with a popular rhythm music mobile game that further increased its popularity in recent years. It now has a spinoff/sequel that features a new set of girls mirroring the real-life idol industry where younger girls take over after the older ones get preggers or just old.   [embed]34573:5249:0[/embed] "Mirai Shoujou-tachi" Anime: Locodol More slice-of-life anime than idol anime, this one focuses on the rise of local idols in smaller cities and towns in Japan. While they are more like mascots, this show captures that recent phenomenon. Less about the glitz (if any) and more about the cute-girls-doing-cute-things, this show is a fun one without much of the heavy drama that showbiz side of these idol shows bring with them.   [embed]34573:5250:0[/embed] "Yuubae Present" Anime: The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls A sequel/spinoff to the popular idol management sim, this one is about a new batch of girls going through the paces of becoming idols. This show aims to launch yet another multimedia anime idol franchise starting with a mobile game that got an anime and is striving to be one of the big ones and it does have the backing to do just that.   So which is your favorite anime idol or idol anime? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. I wanna know!
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Waifu Worship
There's like 14 anime girls in that picture up there, that's a lot of waifus in one show right? Well, you gotta cover all your bases when trying to appeal to so many people. Idols in anime have been around for a long time, it...

OP Up! Anime Idol Edition

Dec 09 // Red Veron
[embed]34570:5243:0[/embed] "7 Girls War" Anime: Wake Up, Girls! A bit more drama than slice of life or the typical idol anime show, this one was a bit more low-key than the other shows on here. I didn't get to watch much of this show but it has its fans.   [embed]34570:5244:0[/embed] "Star!!" Anime: The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls An anime adaptation of a mobile game spinoff of a popular console idol management sim game. I saw a little bit of this one and have concluded that ShibuRin is best waifu.    [embed]34570:5245:0[/embed] "Mirai Fanfare" Anime: Locodol I love how this show is more slice-of-life anime than girl idol anime. It doesn't go into arbitrary dramaz or serious stuff so it maintains that light slice-of-life feel. This opening just upsets me because they're polluting and possibly killing some animals with releasing non-biodegradable balloons.   [embed]34570:5246:0[/embed] "We're Living in the Moment" Anime: Love Love! School Idol Project Possibly the most popular idol anime franchise in recent years, this multi-media property is more than just an anime and music. Add in a globally popular mobile game along with a movie shown in theaters across the world, Love Live! is possibly the king (or queen?) of anime idol franchises. Nico is the best waifu for me.   SO WHO IS YOUR BEST WAIFU OR FAVORITE IDOL ANIME?! SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I WANNA KNOW!
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I haven't done this genre yet? Wow.
Wait, so I haven't done one of these about female anime idols? Googling it doesn't say so here we go. Idol anime have been around in the last decade or longer but its rise to immense popularity started about half a decade ago...

Week Ender - Ninja Edition

Dec 05 // Red Veron
[embed]34551:5232:0[/embed] "Fighting Dreamer" Anime: Senran Kagura If you can still pull off ninja moves while having giant boobs, then you have earned the ninja title. Fighting off deadly ninja foes while fighting chronic back pain is the true measure of a ninja.   [embed]34551:5233:0[/embed] "Kilmister" Anime: Ninja Slayer Cool ending from a cool looking show that is on a shoestring budget.   [embed]34551:5234:0[/embed] "Kurukururin" Anime: Ninja Nonsense A cute comedy ninja show about nonsense with ninjas as the title implies. This ending is a fun one with stop motion ninjas and a winged creature thing with panties on its head. Just watch it, I don't know how else to explain it.   [embed]34551:5231:0[/embed] "My Answer" Anime: Naruto Shippuuden Hey, ninjas need some beach R&R too. The beach is also a battlefield. Also some fanservice for the fans.   Got any favorite ninja anime? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know! 
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Ninja Please
In celebration of Ninja Day today, this weekend's Week Ender is all about the secret masters of the shadow arts. They have plenty of anime about ninjas since it has been a popular figure in Japanese fiction for hundreds of ye...

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Ninja Day

Let's celebrate the International Day of the Ninja!

Ninjas Rule! Pirates Drool!
Dec 05
// Red Veron
Today is the international Day of the Ninja according to the delicious sounding faux-burger restaurant Ninja Burger. It totally snuck up on ya? Snuck up on ya like a assassin in the shadows. Like say, LIKE A NINJA. I recommen...

OP Up! Ninja Edition

Dec 02 // Red Veron
[embed]34547:5220:0[/embed] "Crawl" Anime: Nabari No Ou A ninja anime about the hidden world of ninjas in a modern world with ancient stuff. It's like Naruto but in a modern world and everyone looks like they're from a Josei anime with plenty of Yaoi fodder pretty boys. Good action though with a great opening.   [embed]34547:5221:0[/embed] "Diver" Anime: Naruto Shippuuden My favorite in the latest openings from this show. Great song with some matching imagery with Naruto sinking into the depths while Sasuke shows up to be a dick. Luckily, friends show up to give him a hand (Sai grabs some Naruto booty, I SAW THAT).   [embed]34547:5222:0[/embed] "BACK IN  BLACK" Anime: Ninja Slayer A show where the opening shows only most of the well animated stuff. To describe this show in words that one might understand: Aqua Teen Hunger Force with ninjas and sometimes cool animation from TRIGGER. From the studio of Kill La Kill and Inferno Cop, this one may not please those expecting KLK levels of animation quality.   [embed]34547:5223:0[/embed] "Break your world" Anime: Senran Kagura My friend described this as "Ninja Slice of Life from the Hero perspective, while something completely different from the villians' view". Also giant boobs.   Is there a Ninja Anime you love? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know! 
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This December 5 will be the yearly celebration of International Day of the Ninja, and this week's OP Up!/Week Ender theme will center on the masked assassins of the night (when they're not wearing bright orange clothes or hav...

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Video Game Music

Rejoice, video game music fans: Scarlet Moon Records is having a special sale

Corgis not included
Nov 29
// Salvador GRodiles
[Disclosure: Jayson and Dale wrote for Japanator. No relationships, personal, or professional, were factored into this news post.] If there's one thing that's annoying about this time of the year, it's that we have to deal wi...

Week Ender - Summer 2015 Edition

Nov 28 // Red Veron
[embed]34538:5211:0[/embed] "Secret Sky" Anime: Rokka no Yuusha I love the Celtic(?) music inspiration for the song in this one, reminds me of the many Japanese RPGs I played in the past.   [embed]34538:5212:0[/embed] "60 Oku no Tsubasa" Anime: Gatchaman Crowds Insight Really rad ending that's making me go want to finish the first season. I think I'll do that soon. I want that song for my iPod.   [embed]34538:5213:0[/embed] "Glorious Break" Anime: Senhime Zesshou Symphogear GX A great show that combines crazy action with singing and music, I have to catch up on this one.   [embed]34538:5214:0[/embed] "Hey! Smith!!" Anime: Monster Musume no iru Nichijou People like this. Not really my thing but I enjoy seeing people gush over it since the whole premise is ridiculous.   Is there a show from last season that you loved? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Catch up on last season!
It's the weekend after Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the United States and I'm sure many of you out there might have taken this chance to catch up on the anime and manga because of the laid back and chill vibe of this holi...

OP Up! Summer 2015 Edition

Nov 25 // Red Veron
[embed]34532:5207:0[/embed] "Urge" Anime: Prison School Here's a show that I thought would never get an anime because of the content. But it did and it also got a live action adaptation that I imagine is pretty much close to soft core porn. I didn't get to watch this show but I really enjoyed what I read of the manga, watch this intro because it is super hilarious with the male leads singing the theme song.   [embed]34532:5208:0[/embed] "Gate (Sore wa Akatsuki no Yō ni)" Anime: GATE A show that is taking on the latest craze where the modern world is mashed together with a fantasy medieval or past world setting, this one is to please those armchair generals and military otaku along with the fantasy fans. I enjoyed the manga a lot and it takes on interesting issues with such a setting.   [embed]34532:5209:0[/embed] "Bravely You" Anime: Charlotte Now here's a show that I did watch, it's about teens who develop powers and abilities during puberty but lose it after puberty ends. The show centers around a school student council who goes around trying to find ability users and helping them from being abused for their abilities. I enjoyed this one a lot.   [embed]34532:5210:0[/embed] "Core Basis: Metamorphosis!" Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan One of the most popular shows last season because of the eponymoust Umaru and how much we relate to her in her slovenly habits and all around selfishness that she hides from the public. We are Umaru.   Is there an anime from last season that you loved? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS! I wanna know!
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Chill and Look Back
So it's the holidays for the people in the United States with Thanksgiving followed by the most insane shopping day of the year, Black Friday. So a lot you might by just chillin' in your jammie jams like Umaru pictured above ...

Kamen Rider Ghost photo
Kamen Rider Ghost

Carve out history with Kamen Rider Ghost's full OP music video

Get ready to shed tears of joy
Nov 23
// Salvador GRodiles
As the single for Kamen Rider Ghost's full opening gets ready to hit Japan on December, the full music video for Kishidan's latest song, "We Think, Therefore We Are," has materialized in front of us. Of course, the tune...

Week Ender - Happy Edition

Nov 21 // Red Veron
[embed]34511:5197:0[/embed] "Okaeri" Anime: Non Non Biyori Repeat This show is part beautiful countryside scenery porn, part slice of life comedy. This ending leans toward the former quite well. Very pretty and just cheerful.   [embed]34511:5198:0[/embed] "Oto no Naru Hō e" Anime: Silver Spoon If happiness was a song and an anime ending. It would be this. Beautiful.   [embed]34511:5199:0[/embed] "Six Same Faces ~Tonight is the Best!!!!!!" Anime: Osomatsu-san I love the Oden art ending with the 70's disco song which is a staple for anime openings and endings. This one makes me happy as well as hungry.   [embed]34511:5200:0[/embed] "Sun" Anime: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou A ridiculous song with the characters performing a ridiculous play during their school's culture festival. I want to watch that play. The strange stupidity of the play just embodies the dumb stuff the kids their age love to do.   What's your favorite happy anime or happy anime ending? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Time to Smile
This weekend, we take a look at some anime endings from anime that made me happy. These anime made me happy in different ways, some are funny while some just provide you with pure joy. I hope you find these endings to enterta...

OP Up! Happy Edition

Nov 18 // Red Veron
[embed]34504:5187:0[/embed] "Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai" Anime: Gekkan Shoujo Nozoki-kun A fun show about a girl who has a crush on the most oblivious guy ever and the strange and funny people around them at school. Surprisingly fun show that sounded like a typical shoujo romance but turns out to be a comedy.   [embed]34504:5188:0[/embed] "Kachigumi" Anime: Lucky Star A show about nothing. Well, except the normal and funny stuff that happens to some teenage girls.   [embed]34504:5189:0[/embed] "Shiny tale" Anime: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou The awkward and funny hijinks of high school boys the ridiculous stuff they get into.   [embed]34504:5190:0[/embed] "Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi - C" Anime: Nichijou The show's title translates into "Ordinary Life" and everything that happens is anything but ordinary. A hidden underrated gem. Please watch.   So what's your favorite HAPPY anime? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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We All Could Use A Smile This Week
So I thought we could all use a bit of a different direction this week, not that forgetting any of the bad stuff that happened recently is denying that it happened or making light of the tragedy. Each person has their way of ...

Week Ender - Post Apocalyptic Edition

Nov 15 // Red Veron
[embed]34487:5171:0[/embed] "Fly me to the moon" Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion A bizarre but appropriate ending in its choice to end each episode of an anime where humanity is trying to survive after a global cataclysm while being attacked by alien monsters. Also there are more weird stuff going on and conspiracies so a Frank Sinatra song is the least odd thing in this show.   [embed]34487:5172:0[/embed] "Human Touch" Anime: After War Gundam X A nice 80's ballad for a post-apocalyptic Gundam show where the earth and the colonies get destroyed with small pockets of humanity survive. Makes me feel that there is hope for the world after such a global disaster.   [embed]34487:5173:0[/embed] "Orarion" Anime: Seraph of the End I love this ending so much. Seeing characters in a normal or different 'what if' setting is always a nice touch. I feel good about the characters seeing them in a setting other than the harsh and dangerous reality they face in their regular lives.   [embed]34487:5174:0[/embed] "Minna no Peace" Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann While most endings help you wind down, this one just pumps you up the same way like most episodes of this show. What's your favorite post-apocalyptic anime ending or just anime? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Life leads to Death, Death leads to Life
So I've been playing a lot of Fallout 4, a video game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland and I am loving it so much. I honestly haven't much to say since I don't think anyone reads these things and people just check out the videos below to jam to some music. Enjoy! What's your favorite post-apocalyptic anime ending or just anime? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!

AKB48 photo

Alodia and AKB48 jam in Manila's Cool Japan Festival 2015

Cosplay and Idols!
Nov 14
// Red Veron
Last November 7 and 8, Team 8 of popular Japanese idol group AKB48 visited Manila, Philippines to perform in Cool Japan Festival 2015. Joining them is idol group AkiShibu along with popular Japanese pop culture-related perso...

OP Up! Post Apocalyptic Edition

Nov 11 // Red Veron
[embed]34478:5163:0[/embed] "Aoi Hana" Anime: Casshern Sins A dark reboot of a 70's science fiction anime that is all about robot massacre in a world where robots have taken over the world with humanity close to extinction.   [embed]34478:5164:0[/embed] "Brave your truth" Anime: Chrome-Shelled Regios An interesting setting for a post-apocalyptic anime with earth being taken over by giant alien bugs and humanity being forced to survive in roaming domed megacities.   [embed]34478:5165:0[/embed] "The Big O" Anime: The Big O An intriguing setting where people live in a domed city police state surrounded by a wasteland. To make things more complicated (and interesting), 40 years prior to the events of the show, a mysterious thing happened that caused everyone in the city to lose their memories. Oh and there is a giant robot and the visual style is heavily influenced by 60s and 70s.   [embed]34478:5166:0[/embed] "Ai o tomoridose!!" Anime: Fist of the North Star The best post-apocalyptic anime out there where a guy who is basically "Kung-fu Jesus" roams the wasteland. Just watch it, it's so great.   So what is your favorite post-apocalyptic set anime? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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The End is just the Beginning
For many video game players out there, this week is a big one with the release of Fallout 4, one of the biggest and most anticipated games of the year. Fallout 4 is a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of the ...

Review: Superbeat XONIC

Nov 11 // Red Veron
[embed]34458:5161:0[/embed] Superbeat XONiC (PS Vita)Developer: PM Studios & NurijoyPublisher: PM Studios & Acttil Released: December 17, 2015 (JP) / November 10, 2015 (US) / November 10, 2015 (EU)MSRP: $39.99 Superbeat XONiC's overall visual presentation is very slick and stylish, not only with its menus but every bit of the game looks really good with its use of contemporary design language. DJMAX fans will feel right at home when the game starts up. Superbeat XONIC's gameplay is something rather new to audiences that aren't up-to-date with the latest rhythm music games. The music game interface features the notes moving on tracks from the center of the screen outward to the "Gears" on the left and right sides of the screen. As with many music rhythm games, you push the corresponding buttons (or tap/perform the screen button/action) when the the Notes on the track line up with the "Gears" on the sides of the screen. Those who played Persona 4: Dancing All Night earlier this year will be familiar with this game play style.  To get a better idea of how this works, just watch the trailer video above. There are three ways to play Superbeat XONiC; the physical Vita buttons, the Vita's touch screen, and using a Dual Shock 3/4 controller on the Playstation TV. The physical button controls is there for you out there who like to play traditional physical controls. The touchscreen controls feel surprisingly good, I did better with the touch controls with harder songs. The Dual Shock controller also worked really well (though some have reported have experienced input and display delay on Playstation TV). The touch screen controls suggest that we might see this title on mobile and tablet in the future. While you play, the backgrounds provide nice atmosphere to the song much like those song visualizers in your computer's music player applications. Those who are familiar with the DJMAX games will be a bit disappointed that music video styled background videos are not in this game due to the way the game plays but the nice song cover art are still present. Superbeat XONiC offers many modifiers or "Effectors" to the central gameplay. You can choose the Note (Fade in, Fade Mid, and Fade out), Gear (Flicker, Flicker 2, and Ghost), Note chart (mirror and random). You can also change the speed of the note tracks while selecting the song and even while playing the song.  Playing through the songs allow you to gather experience to level up which then unlocks songs and "DJ Icons" which is used for your in-game profile for ranking and grants you bonuses such as experience bonuses, health, shields, etc. The difficulty of this game varies and can be accessible to rhythm music beginners. You can change the difficulty which will allow you to miss more notes on easy, allowing you play through the game more and unlock more of the game. There is a "Health" meter in the game that goes down when you miss a note, there are bonuses that boost your health or help you recharge to keep from failing. Superbeat XONiC's soundtrack will definitely please with its variety and really good quality. Some may see some familiar artists from the DJMAX series and some songs are even from Arc System Works (who published the game in Japan). Songs are just the right length for portable play which makes it so much easier to marathon the games. Genres include electronic, pop, k-pop, rock, metal, RnB, and different fusions of the genres for even more variety. Music game play styles include are in three different styles: 4 Track, 6 Track, 6 Track FX. 4 Track uses four "tracks" in the visual interface on the game screen (two on each side of the screen) and correspond with four physical buttons: left, down, cross, and circle. While 6 Track adds two more tracks (one to each side) that correspond with the up and the triangle buttons. 6 Track FX adds the L and R shoulder buttons. All modes make use of the left and right sticks when using the physical controls. There aren't other modes in the game other than the World Tour mode that features a set goal that gives you a set of songs to play on three different difficulties. These give you an extra challenge to do on the side but isn't required to unlock different parts of the game. Your game performance in the different game types add to your DJ Ranking, which you can compare to other Superbeat XONiC players around the world when you connect to PSN. Superbeat XONiC provides a great core rhythm music game experience, even though it doesn't offer much in the way of bells and whistles like other games in the genre. It doesn't need any of the fluff though, the great music and solid experience is worth the entry alone. DJMAX fans should check out this game, sure it's not the same game but they should feel right at home here once they familiarize themselves with the game. The same goes for those interested in the rhythm music game genre, there are enough features to ease in beginners while keeping genre enthusiasts satisfied.
Review photo
Get into the Beat!
I know I am not the only one who felt crushed when I heard that there wouldn't be any more games of the super fun music rhythm game series DJMAX. I remember seeing the cover art for DJMAX for the first time and being very int...

Week Ender - Hidamari Sketch Edition

Nov 07 // Red Veron
[embed]34457:5155:0[/embed] "Ryusei Record" Anime: Hidamari Sketch x 365 A simple ending for the second season, this one is still full of nice visuals that still shine even in their simplicity.   [embed]34457:5156:0[/embed] "Sakura Sakura Saku: Ano Hi Kimi o Matsu, Sora to Onaji de"" Anime: Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu This is my favorite ending that is a tie with the one from Honeycomb (the last one below), it features the new characters for the first time and just continues the studio's use of nicely done minimal visuals with great music.   [embed]34457:5157:0[/embed] "Nora" Anime: Hidamari Sketch x SP This is a cute one with Yuno sleeping soundly while her friends drop by. Why doesn't this girl lock her door? What?   [embed]34457:5158:0[/embed] "Yumo Gumo" Anime: Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb I absolutely love this one. Full of color and a beautiful song, this one has Yuno sleeping again for half of the thing. I really like the lovely kimonos that sway in the wind that makes this ending such a gorgeous sight.   Is there a slice-of-life anime ending you like? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
Week Ender photo
We Must Go WIDER
Hidamari Sketch is a show I would recommend to people who like SHAFT (Bakemonogatari, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and would want something a bit more subtle than their usual outrageous stuff.  It still has a the...

OP Up! Hidamari Sketch Edition

Nov 04 // Red Veron
[embed]34455:5149:0[/embed] "Sketch, Switch" Anime: Hidamari Sketch Here is the original that makes it clear of what this show is, a slice of life comedy with cute girls having fun and doing cute stuff. The colorful opening captures the look that the studio SHAFT was aiming for in this show.   [embed]34455:5150:0[/embed] "Hatena de Wasshoi" Anime: Hidamari Sketch x 365 The second season's opening features much more from the show, not to mention that their budget got bigger. We get to see more of the funny and wacky cast and even some of the lesbian undertones for the yuri fans out there.   [embed]34455:5152:0[/embed] "Dekiru Kanatte Hoshimittsu" Anime: Hidamari Sketch x Hoshimittsu My favorite opening from the series. Why? Because it features the new characters for the first time and who happen to be much cuter than Yuno. It also has my favorite song. [embed]34455:5151:0[/embed] "Open Canvas" Anime: Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb The latest season opening with a lot more of the side characters and very beautiful animation. Also that ambiguous hand holding that could be ANY OF THE CHARACTERS! SCANDALOUSSSSSS!    BONUS VIDEO: [embed]34455:5153:0[/embed] "Black and Yellow Sketch" by nakinyko Mashup of: "Black and Yellow" - Wiz Kahlifa "Sketch Switch" by Asumi Kana, Mizuhashi Kaori, Shintani Ryouko, Gotou Yuuko     Which opening from this anime (or some other cute girl anime) is your favorite? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I wanna know!
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Hidamari Sketch is one of those cute slice of life anime that I just ignored until a friend told me about it. I was slowly starting to like the "cute girls doing cute things" genre and this one was one of the better ones. Muc...

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Raise your flag for Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans' chiptune opening

Mars has gone retro
Nov 01
// Salvador GRodiles
With a new Gundam show airing this season, it was only a matter of time until Studio Megaane would use his amazing skills to give Barbatos a retro upgrade. Once again, the guy did an amazing job with capturing the essen...

JapanaTen: Halloween Horror

Oct 31 // Red Veron
[embed]34430:5135:0[/embed] 1.) Blood-C A very bloody show, as the name implies, is all about teen highschooler Saya who goes around her sleepy rural town cutting down human-eating monsters that plague it. It all sounds like typical action show where protagonist fights baddies, but there is more hidden underneath along the very graphic and brutal deaths of both humans and monsters.   [embed]34430:5136:0[/embed] 2.) Tokyo Ghoul College student Ken Kaneki awakens in a hospital and finds himself becoming a monster after an accident. What follows is that Kaneki is introduced to the hidden world of "Ghouls", human eating monsters that live among humans and now Kaneki struggles with his humanity and his new monstrous Ghoul side.   [embed]34430:5137:0[/embed] 3.) High School of the Dead If there is one thing that an anime about zombies needs, is some good old fashioned T and A. HSOTD has that and a lot of zombie gore action with guns, swords, and explosions. While it has all that pervy-ness, it's still a competent zombie show with dealing with the moral issues and situations that arise in such a setting. Also there are physics defying giant boobs in this one, truly terrifying.   [embed]34430:5138:0[/embed] 4.) Shin Kamen Rider A more mature themed movie featuring the late Shotaro Ishinomori's Kamen Rider, this one features more violence and nudity. The first half plays out like a horror movie, and the way that the protagonist turns into the titular Rider is very much something out of a horror movie.   [embed]34430:5139:0[/embed] 5.) Paranoia Agent A show by the late great Satoshi Kon, this one is about a mystery about serial attacks in urban Tokyo by a juvenile in inline skates wielding a bat. What seems to be an act of assault leads to a more mysterious and sinister force at play that sets a series of strange events into motion. I highly recommend this one for those who want something surreal and dark.   [embed]34430:5140:0[/embed] 6.) Ghost Stories You don't expect much when a US anime distribution company buys the rights to a typical supernatural mystery show featuring children that didn't sell that well in Japan. But when the Japanese company gives the US company carte blanche with the show and turn it into a raunchy comedy with some ad-libbing by the US voice actors. Not scary except for those who fear crude sex jokes and being politically incorrect. Please watch the entire show and not just the clip above, it is SO WORTH IT.   [embed]34430:5141:0[/embed] 7.) Perfect Blue Another great movie by the late great Satoshi Kon, this one is about Mima, a pop idol performer who leaves her idol group to become an actress. But wouldn't you know it, she has a stalker who keeps sending her messages and as time goes on, weird occurrences start happening around her. All the strange stuff has Mima questioning what is real and what is not. A great thriller worth watching on Halloween.   [embed]34430:5142:0[/embed] 8.) Corpse Party OVAs When a group of friends perform a ritual to bind themselves together as friends forever. But things go wrong when they perform said ritual in a school building where an elementary school once stood that got torn down after some horrifying events occurred there. Now, that students that performed the ritual are now subjected to terrifying events that defy horror.   [embed]34430:5143:0[/embed] 9.) Hell Girl Have you ever wanted to exact revenge on someone who has done you wrong? How much would you pay for said revenge? In this show, people who have been greatly wronged take revenge on their wrongdoers by giving up their soul to hell. The show consists of short stories and has a great visual style that adds to the creepiness and blurred lines of what is right and wrong.   [embed]34433:5132:0[/embed] 10.) Another A show set in a rural Japanese town about a cursed high school class that tries to keep the curse at bay through a very unusual way. But one day, a new transfer student joins that class and the curse starts to manifest again and people start dying. The most horrifying part of the show? It takes place in 1997 and people rarely have mobile phones and the internet barely exists.   I hope you all enjoyed this list. Don't stare into the mirrors tonight. You might find something else staring back. Good night. [Don't be afraid to share some of your Japanese Horror-themed entertainment in the comments below!]
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Check Out The Horror
It's Halloween weekend here in the United States and around the world, so I'm sure there are plenty of you people who love all things Japanese are looking around for something to watch this weekend. So get ready for some spoo...

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