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Ah~ So Hard Boiled!
Yo ho ho! Ensign Redgrave back on the helm to deliver the SS Japanator through the Grand Line safely and to document the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew. I've been MIA for a while so I'll summarise the missing 9 episodes in bullet points.  read feature

One Piece

Relive the Grand Line in One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 English trailer

One Piece. It's the name of the treasure in the Grand Line
Mar 22
Yep here is another One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 trailer but this time it isn't showing off new playable characters.  Bandai Namco games have released the Grand Line (Here they come) trailer in English when it was previ... read
Let's all be friends!
Over the past few weeks, I've been re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with a friend. He enjoys the characters, setting, martial arts, and story because Avatar is a really good show. But the last two episodes we've seen; T... read feature

Rumble in Dressrosa
It seems wherever the Straw Hats go, there will always be chaos. It's pretty rare for them to land on an island, wait peacefully for the log pose to adjust then carry on without getting into an 8 episode fight. I'm ... read feature

Straw Hats to save the day!
Ahoy there Japanator! Ensign Redgrave reporting for duty. I'll be taking over the SS. Annotated Anime for One Piece so I hope you're ready.  From last we left our heroes, the devious Doflamingo had started the hunger gam... read feature

One Piece Pirate Warriors

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 character vids flame fists and rumble balls

I'm Gonna be King of Pirate Warriors!
Feb 21
Infusing One Piece with the hack and slash gameplay of Dynasty Warriors may not be my first choice when making a One Piece game, but it has certainly been successful enough to warrant a third sequel. One Piece: Pirate Warrio... read

Special One-Piece Chopper film receives new animation

Bring the tissues
Dec 22
The now classic One Piece story arc of when the crew links up with Dr. Tony Tony Chopper will have new animation to celebrate the show's 15th anniversary. The tear-jerking film will on December 31st in Japan, providing a perfect way for anime fans to ring in the new year. One Piece: The Movie: Fuyu ni Saku, Kiseki no Sakura is the perfect treat for all chopper fans. read
One Piece

Watch One Piece's creator doodle, and get advice from Zoro

Oda takes on the internet
Nov 12
If you've got a property as popular as One Piece floating around, it's a good idea to give it a place to weigh anchor in the unfriendly seas of the internet. I'm sure that's what Eiichiro Oda and company were thinking wh... read
One Piece

Shonen Showdown: One Piece Episodes 647 - 653

Shark to the head
Jul 16
As we’re in the thick of a pretty serious arc, the pace for One Piece has slowed to a crawl. Not only that, but there are so many different things going on that it’s taking forever for major plot points to deal wi... read

A Daily Dose of Music: AAA

One more piece
Jun 11
There's a few things in anime that you can always count on. Son Goku ages slower than any living being in the universe, people will forever mispronounce Kaneda, and One Piece will bring the heat with their musical offerings.... read
One Piece

Annotated Anime: One Piece 643-647

Things are getting heated in Dressrosa
Jun 03
Phew, I've been gone for a while. That means that you guys haven't gotten your proper dose of One Piece in weeks. That's a bloody shame, and I'm here to fix you guys right up. Thing is, in terms of major plot developments, th... read
One Piece

One Piece crosses 310M volumes sold

Oda celebrates with tonsil surgury
May 29
BREAKING NEWS: One Piece is pretty damn popular. Well, that might not be so breaking. It's been at the top of the shonen game for years, and now we have some numbers to back that up. With the 74th (!) volume selling four mil... read

Eva, One Piece watches let you nerd out in style

Style will cost you a pretty penny
May 14
Two separate companies are releasing watches based off two extremely popular franchises: Neon Genesis Evangelion and One Piece. On the robotic end of the spectrum, GaGa Milano's watch has a leather strap and EVA 01's black, p... read

Here are the 20 most popular manga

Confirmed: Pirates beat assassins
May 02
Last week on a post about the Attack on Titan manga reaching 30 million volumes sold, I wondered what the numbers were for other popular series. Several days later, Mangazenken posts which are the top 20 manga series based on... read
Pincer attack!
Welcome to Shonen Showdown, the battlin' anime and manga recap that's graduated from Ninja Academy, and is now cleared to use proper dates in its titles! Check out that fully spelled-out glory! In honor of our new author... read feature

Namco Bandai

Mangaka design new elements for latest One Piece, Naruto games

Also, have some new outfits
Apr 24
New screens have popped up showing new designs from both One Piece Unlimited World Red and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. The shots focus on some of the new elements that have been designed by the original... read
One Piece

I will become the Pirate King

I'm sorry, my nakama
Apr 01
To the Straw Hat Pirates, My name is Tony Tony Chopper, but most people call me Chopper. I am the doctor aboard the Thousand Sunny, the vessel we have shared for as long as I can remember. Even though I'm a reindeer who ate t... read
Your face when
Hey there! It's time again for some sweet Shonen Showdown goodness, so put on your happy faces, everyone! Oh, maybe not that happy. OK, please take off your happy face now.  It's an extra full house this week, with ... read feature

One Piece

One Piece to stream on Crunchyroll

Catch it this Saturday at 6PM!
Mar 01
Like One Piece? If you answered yes, then boy do I have some dandy news for you! Crunchyroll is now going to be streaming the anime on their website. The really long pirate anime will be on Crunchyroll starting this Saturday ... read
Short-lived romance
I've got some major love for One Piece. On top of keeping up with it on a weekly basis for about eight years, I've spent a good amount of money on merch. Figures, manga, art: I've sunk a lot of hours into getting all that stu... read feature

An unexpected reference
Hello and welcome to the latest installement of Shonen Showdown, your weekly recap of the best in battle anime and manga! We've got the full cast in this week, with sweet double-dose recaps of One Piece, Naruto, and Hunt... read feature

One Piece news

Funimation snags rights for One Piece, season 6

No surprises here
Jan 18
Earlier today, Funimation announced that they've acquired the rights for home video distribution of One Piece, season 6. One Piece, of course, remains super popular with fans and Funimation seems to be doing a fantastic job w... read

One Piece's fifth opening gets a glorious 8-bit remix

Me-gaane devours the 8-bit Devil Fruit!
Nov 30
If you've been in the mood to listen to a different take on some of your favorite shonen anime opening themes, Me-gaane has remixed a series of songs based off of various anime adaptions of Weekly Shonen Jump's man... read
One Piece NYT

Luffy gets full page NY Times ad, Viz retrospective

300M copies sold celebrated through print ads
Nov 21
In 2013 terms, newspapers as a medium is passé and becoming a tradition of the past. But it's always really neat to see a crazy stunt pulled off when some giant anime or manga character take up a full page of it, ... read
One Piece

One Piece: Romance Dawn gets US release date

Europe is getting it first-- wait, what?
Nov 21
I've been looking for a reason to buy a 3DS and I may have finally found one: One Piece: Romance Dawn, the One Piece RPG, is coming to the Americas on February 11. A European release date of November 29 was previously announc... read
Solid Gold
Most long-running shonen franchises have theatrical releases to supplement their ongoing stories. Dragon Ball has 18 flicks between the original and Dragon Ball Z, Naruto has nine movies, Bleach has four and so on. Being... read feature


Crunchyroll to simulcast One Piece this week

Fall season starts Saturday.
Nov 01
Fans looking for their One Piece-fix will have to look no further than Crunchyroll, as the streaming service is set to pick up the latest season of the on-going series starting Saturday, November 2nd. Episode #619 -- yea... read
Now starring the new hero!
Hello and welcome to Shonen Showdown, your weekly roundup of the best, brightest, and most badass fight anime and manga around!  With Naruto Shippuden on break today we've got a hot three-to-two ratio of manga-to-anime, with Pedro's recap of One Piece carrying the torch alongside Chris's ready coverage of Hunter x Hunter and my own recaps of Naruto and Bleach!  read feature

J-Stars Victory VS

J-Stars Victory VS gets more characters and release date

A whole lot of sexy
Oct 16
As a fan of Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, any news about the upcoming J-Stars Victory VS makes me salivate. Well, I better get a napkin, because we've got some new info. According to Gematsu, the latest issue of J... read
Digital Manga

Read Viz Manga on your Kindle

Go paperless with 160+ series
Oct 01
Like reading manga on your Kindle? If your response is "what manga?," I feel your pain, but the e-reader manga drought ends today. Viz Media has just announced that its entire digital manga catalog is now available for Kindle... read
TGS 2013 J-Stars

TGS 2013: Offscreen J-Star Victory VS footage

Lots of craziness. Lots of Jump!
Sep 19
I wrote a short preview for J-Stars Victory VS earlier today, and now I have video of the game in action.  This is a complete single player match that I think does a good job of showing what J-Stars is all about. Check ... read
It'll be a grand battle!
It wouldn't be a stretch to say that nearly three quarters of Namco Bandai's Tokyo Game Show booth is composed of Shonen Jump games.  Perhaps the biggest of the bunch is J-Stars Victory VS for the PS3 and the Vita. A fou... read feature

Yo-ho-ho we...did this joke already?
"A fusion of Dynasty Warriors and One Piece? Sign me up!" That was my reaction to the news that One Piece: Pirate Warriors (reviewed) was in production, sometime near the end of 2011. It was one of the titles topping my "game... read feature

Welcome to our first team battle!
*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Toshiro's ice abilities have no effect on Kuzan, so he had to resort to his Kido skills. Unfortunately, Toshiro's non ice abilities couldn't damage Kuzan. After converting the J-tor Arena into a ... read feature

One Piece UWR

One Piece Unlimited World Red trailer is hot sauce

All the coop fishing!
Aug 21
It looks like One Piece Unlimited World Red is shaping up to be a fun little 3DS game. One Piece games have generally been pretty solid so it's not that surprising, but I really dig the look of Unlimited World Red. They seem... read
Same segment, different name.
In order to avoid some confusion with a certain feature from our older sibling Website, this segment will now be known as Japanator Arena! I will admit that it took a while to change the name, but Josh 'Totsu' Totman was able... read feature

Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of Music: Kota Shinzato

One Piece party!
Aug 09
Wow, I can't believe we're already at the 165th opening for the ultra popular anime series, One Piece! I'm still making my way through the series, and haven't gotten much further than episode 200, but I will keep it up! Don'... read
KFC x One Piece

KFC and One Piece are at it again

Make your own dessert
Jul 29
The last time KFC and One Piece got together, you got a nice little cup with a hat that can make some sort of slushy. This time around, they are giving you a cup that will make ice cream! The newest promotion, where you buy a... read

Weekly Shonen Jump reaches even further overseas

Moar manga for moar digital spaces
Jul 09
VIZ Media have announced that besides serving North America with Weekly Shonen Jump goodness on the same day it's released in Japan, starting this month folks in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa wil... read
One Piece

AX '13: Funimation announces Strong World release date

Jul 04
One Piece fans, are you eagerly awaiting the upcoming domestic release of Strong World? Well, that wait will soon be over. At their expo panel earlier today, Funimation Entertainment announced a November 19th release date for... read

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