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Yotsuba & Christmas

Dec 24 // Ben Huber
Wow! What a shocker! Vice President Chief Assistant CEO Beat is actually a lady! Bet you didn't see that twist. Just goes to show, you shouldn't go judging random teddy bears left and right, bub!
Yotsuba photo
Featuring the return of a certain someone!
Ho ho ho! It's Christmas time! The time of the year in which we all give each other material items to prove that our loved ones mean about as much as those items are worth! And you know what? All of you mean the world to me, ...

Yotsuba & Thanksgiving

Nov 28 // Ben Huber
Yotsuba photo
Turkey, shmurkey!
It's that of the year again, when we gather with friends and family around a table laden with all manner of food and feast. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, bread, cornbread, gravy, and that one dish that your aunt al...

Yotsuba & Halloween

Oct 31 // Ben Huber
Yotsuba photo
The climactic return of the one and only!
Come one, come all! On the spookiest (or, depending on your religion, spoopiest) of nights, I return with gifts! Usually we give out candy on Halloween, but instead I'm giving you the gift of poorly-written edits of someone e...

New Staff photo
New Staff

I'm back!

Ben Huber has returned from the dead!
Sep 26
// Ben Huber
Hello everyone! It's me, Ben Huber. I'm back! If you're a longtime reader of the site, you may remember me from long passed days of writing at Japanator. I've returned, not only because I was bored of spending my days watchin...

Father's Day x Yotsuba photo
Father's Day x Yotsuba

Celebrate Father's Day with Pants Man!

Yotsuba's greatest superhero celebrates fatherhood
Jun 16
// Josh Tolentino
Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! And if you (or your dad, for that matter) happens to be a fan of father-and-daughter manga Yotsuba&!, Kotobukiya has a treat in store at their Akihabara branch. Anyone picking...
Yotsuba happiness! photo
Yotsuba happiness!

Yotsuba& Volume 12 gets Japanese release date!

Everybody get happy!
Feb 18
// Eric Koziol
Heaven smiles upon us! Kiyohiko Azuma just tweeted that the checks for Yotsuba& Vol. 12 have been completed and it will be released March 9 in Japan. Given the release schedule for North America so far, one might ass...

Yotsuba &!'s Danbo wants you to buy ET!

I will comply
Nov 13
// Hiroko Yamamura
Miura could sell me anything, especially when she invokes the power of Danbo! This time she not peddling Jaws Blu-Rays, but instead the classic Spielberg flick, ET. Perhaps they could do stop motion movies with Yotsuba&! Revoltechs. That I would buy! [Via ANN]

Some noteworthy figure pre-orders to check out

You know, so you can part with more of your money
Sep 03
// Kristina Pino
Every now and then, I feel like I've got to remind you folks that being an anime fan doesn't stop at enjoying the manga and animated adaptations thereof, but continues on to the realm of expensive plastic merch that you can i...

Danbo vs the fury of Jaws

Aug 24
// Hiroko Yamamura
Jaws is all set to be released on a special collector's edition Blu-Ray in Japan. The Speilberg hit has an exciting new commercial with an unlikely ambassador. Who in the world could control the sheer power of this...

Yotsuba trolls Louis CK

Jul 24
// Hiroko Yamamura
Well, maybe our favorite wide eye girl didn't quite troll the American comedian, but close enough. On a recent episode of his sitcom Louie, the comedian can be seen ever so lovingly stroking his issues of Yotsuba. Not so weird though, right? I mean who in the world doesn't read the Yotsuba&! manga? It's always good to see our girl in action. [Via Crunchyroll]

Yotsuba & Swimsuits AGAIN?!

Jun 01 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Swimsuits ...Again?

May 26 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Swimsuits

May 18 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & "Whatever"

May 04 // Ben Huber


Yotsuba & Deliverance

Apr 27
// Ben Huber
Journal Entry 781: My previous writings have been sparse and rough. As I, Ben, lay in my carpet-less and cold room, I wonder what my boss is doing right now. (Brad Rice is a prepubescent girl with the voice of mount...

Yotsuba & Science Stuff

Apr 20 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Bubbles AGAIN

Apr 13 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Jealousy

Apr 06 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Fan Art

Apr 01 // Ben Huber


Yotsuba&! Art Gallery makes me wish I was there

Mar 08
// Ben Huber
It's the 10th Anniversary of Yotsuba&! You might pause and say, "Wait, Yotsuba&! hasn't been running for 10 years yet!" And you'd be right, but it looks like creator Kiyohiko Azuma is counting Try! Try! Try!, the one-...

Yotsuba &

Mar 02 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Award Season

Feb 23 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Flashbacks 2

Feb 16 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Flashbacks

Feb 09 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & That Darn Cat

Feb 02 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Internets

Jan 26 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Ero Week

Jan 19 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Kanye West

Jan 12 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Gone Fishing

Jan 05 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Strangers

Dec 29 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Acorn Park

Dec 22 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Anime Bans

Dec 15 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Anniversaries

Dec 01 // Ben Huber
And you can check out all the last year's worth of edits via the Yotsuba tag here on Jtor.

Yotsuba & Thanksgiving

Nov 24 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & Pastries

Nov 17 // Ben Huber
Day 232:Of course, Brad never found the pastry. Mike's stomach was content and my sense of right and wrong began skewing even more the side of "I'm hungry." I'm not sure what I mean by that. I think I'll ask Dale.Day 233:Upon asking Dale what he thought of toaster strudel, I was given an extended lecture on the properties and contents of toaster strudel, and why they were sub-par (aside from a particular brand made in Ohio). I decided to let myself out during this speech and tried to get back to my room – this unfortunately, was not in fate's plans for me today. Instead, I encountered Bob.Bob is a great guy. Probably the most sane person here, now that I began my descent into madness and have started scavenging among old back-issues of Otaku USA for cracker crumbs. But I'm not sure I can trust him, especially after his hair ate Colette's cat. Or at least, that's what I presume happened. Cough up one too many hairballs, and you never know when the hair might bite back. Anyway, I think I was going somewhere with that story – Bob is sleeping where Jon was supposed to, in my room. I guess Jon really did make it to freedom!Day 238:It's been a while since I last wrote. There's probably a legitimate reason for this, but I can't seem to remember what it is.Crystal has been doing my job much better than me these past few weeks. Actually, with her and Bob around I'm finding fewer things to do. On the other hand, Brad took this opportunity to give me more work organizing his lolicon collection. It spans several wall-to-wall shelves in the back and last I checked was categorized by the color of the cover. Brad said it was time for some "proper order" in this house, so obviously I needed to put everything into the correct place.I figured I should clarify, "So, do you want  it organized by name, date, or primary fetish featured?"Brad paused in thought, then replied, "Make it alphabetized fetish."Day 239: Today was the monthly evaluation. Brad lined us all up, stripped us down to our undergraments– wait, no, that was last week. Today we had our ACTUAL evaluation, which was much less privacy-invasive but yet had much more yelling involved.Brad's voice thundered through the living room as he proudly announced: "I am going to begin paying you!"For a brief moment, hope arose in my heart, FLY AWAY NOW began playing in my head, and the pain in my backside from last week faded away. Then I came falling back to reality – this was Brad, after all."And I'll be paying you in gum and tic-tacs!" He grinned, as though he had spoken the most eloquent words to ever leave a human's lips. "Now you can actually list this as 'employment' on your resume! And your breath will be minty fresh!"Wait, what resume? Day 240:I began my morning with a fresh bowl of cereal. However, I was quickly interrupted by the vocal productions of a one Jake Thomas. I was tempted to call him "Luca" again, but I remembered the physical pain that was involved in the previous incident and opted against it.He hovered over my shoulder, chanting something about Nikon, something something lens, something focus. Despite  telling him many times that I loved cameras, in desperate hopes that he would leave me alone (that was a mistake), it instead encouraged him to cover me in a deluge of camera-related talk.Josh stepped into my frame of vision, and with a swift punch, sent Jake hurtling into the shelving behind me, sending Brad's hentai collection I had so painfully organized earlier into disarray. I didn't know whether to hug Josh or hit him, so I did what any indecisive person like myself would do: nothing. Josh cocked his head to the side and mumbled something about Jake and cameras. Either I just witnessed a camera fight, or Josh was tired of Jake's talking too.On the other hand, Jake did find me some more paper to write this journal on, so I do have him to thank for that.  ---  A letter to my distant friend,My noble pursuit of writing seems to have hit another wall, friend. While initially I was high on writing for a Japanese-focused entertainment site, I no longer consider it a joy, mainly because I have been violated several times since starting here. That takes the fun out of a lot of stuff, to be honest. I am getting paid, incidentally, however it is only in products that will enhance my oral cavity, not my bank account. Please don't write back with any witty remarks like, "You sure are FRESH!" If you do I will burn the letter. In other, somewhat related news, I have decided to try to escape again. This time, I will use excess lube from last week, and several straws. Please don't ask about it, if I survive I'll tell you everything later.Your good friend and captive Ebay bidder for Brad Rice,Ben

Ben's JournalDay 231:Brad has begun searching all our rooms in a desperate search for a toaster strudel he left sitting out this morning. I know Mike, son of Cavalier, has taken it, but I have nothing to back it up with. I wa...

Yotsuba & Evil Exes

Nov 10 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & DVDs (Spanish version)

Nov 03 // Ben Huber
For context – Bob recently discovered this website right here: and we all got a kick out of it. It even has a writer named North. Just saying. So I did a little digging and found this comic hidden deep in the archives of their site... not really. I'd like to personally apologize to any Spanish Japanator readers right now – Google Translate isn't very accurate. So consider it part of the joke: the terrible Spanish is supposed to be funny! It's like engrish! Ha ha! The original comic is here. I guess this could be considered a rerun or something. A rerun in horrible Spanish. I'm a bad person. Without further ado, the comic:

Yotsuba & Festivities

Oct 27 // Ben Huber

Yotsuba & The News

Oct 20 // Ben Huber

No relation to Huey Lewis and the News.

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