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TBS announces their most expensive j-drama ever

10:00 AM on 01.19.2011 // Colette Bennett

I have a lot of good looking studs in my J-boy harem, but some of them will only come out for the best of the best. After all, you get deeply established enough in this business, you get to do what you want. Take SMAP member and excellent actor Takuya Kimura, for instance, who just starred in the largely popular Space Battleship Yamato film. What's next for KimuTaku? Well, the new TBS drama, apparently.

According to Tokyohive, Kimura is one of several big name actors who will be starring in a remake of the 1983 film South Pole Story. This tale of an ill-fated scientific expedition to the South Pole and the relationships between the scientists and the dogs that go with them was based on a real life story, and also inspired the American film Eight Below.

The drama will celebrate the 60th anniversary of TBS and will go no holds barred on budget. Filming begins in February and will take six months, so we won't see it airing until next October, but I'm expecting great things from this drama. Plus, I'll watch anything KimuTaku does. Got to be supportive of my man and all that...

Colette Bennett,
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