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TGS 09: The Tokyo Experience on video

6:30 PM on 09.30.2009 // Dale North

Our sister site,, sent four editors, including our own Dale North (me!) and Colette Bennett, to the 2009 Tokyo Game Show to report on the hottest games and systems. Of course, being the Japanophiles we are, we weren't about to limit ourselves to videogames while in Japan's capital.
We spent what little downtime we had sight seeing, and Destructoid's video producer, Rey Gutierrez, came with us, camera in hand. Rey put together this really great video of our experiences there while we were away from the show floor. Here's some key events to look for in the above video:
  • view of Tokyo Tower from high above Roppongi
  • Shinagawa station, our home base
  • the hectic morning commute
  • department stores galore
  • packed stations
  • me giving the "impossible" nod in said stations
  • Shibuya crossing
What you didn't see: For one of the train passing shots, Rey stuck his arm out into the track area of the subway. We got the loudest, longest, most embarrassing "watch out, white people" horn honk ever.

Dale North, Associate Editor
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