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TGS 2012: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus announced for Vita

4:47 AM on 09.19.2012

Elliot Gay


Clearly there's not enough large breasted, underage ninja girls in the gaming world because the Senran Kagura franchise is set to hit the Vita on February 28.

Yes I know; I can't believe it's a franchise now either.

Little else is known beyond the fact that it'll be a completely new game, separate from the 3DS series. I would imagine there are quite a few folks out there happy about the news; you'll actually be able to import and play Shinovi Versus for the Vita, unlike the region locked Nintendo handheld. 

I doubt this'll be on the show floor in any form, but if I get the chance to ask about it, you can be sure I will.

And no, the "v" in Shinovi is not a typo.

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