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Thanks, 4chan: The University of Anime

9:20 PM on 01.29.2011 // Mike LeChevallier

Love it or loathe it, sometimes you just have to admit that images of somewhat respectable caliber surface upon 4chan's /a/ board.

At first glance, I thought this to be another tier chart of sorts, but with closer inspection, I found it to be a highly accurate representation of what a fantastical collegiate staff might look like if it was run entirely by our favorite (or not-so-favorite) anime and manga characters.

Japnator's own unofficial spokescharacter of sorts, Yotsuba, assumes the role of President, while Gendo is the Dean. Isaac and Miria are heads of the Arts & Humanities Department, Edward is professor of Mineral Science. TK teaches English. Death the Kid instructs Architectural Engineering. Light is the swimming coach. Stan Lee runs the Cafeteria. Those are just a few of the selections that are almost impossible to argue with.

I'm about to enroll in double lessons of German. I'm sure you can surmise as to why.

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Mike LeChevallier,
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