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That's it, I give up: First episode of Haruhi-chan not finished, viewers get half-decent boat instead

1:00 PM on 02.13.2009 // Brad Rice

Jesus f**king Christ. What the hell is wrong with you, KyoAni? You tease us time and time again with news regarding Haruhi-related shows, and each time you just slap us in the face and mock us, expecting us to come back to you like some pavlovian dog, running each time we hear the word "haruhi."

Well, no more. I had given up on you after the cocktease that was your "mega announcement" in Newtype, because I could tell that you were mocking us all. I had actually completely forgotten about The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan, and so when I see Canned Dogs laughing about the first episode, I decided to go check it out. What did I find?

KyoAni mentioned in the comments and in the video itself that it wasn't done yet, and so we're treated to a short clip of a sailboat. Not even a nice boat -- more like a half-decent boat, or a disappointing boat. Well, that about does it. Until I'm at some Bandai panel, and they announce they're releasing some of the new Haruhi stuff over here, she's pretty much dead to me.

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