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The big ol' Best of 2012 recap

6:00 PM on 01.08.2013 // Chris Walden

May we forget the bad shows forthwith.

2012 is but a mere after-taste at this point, as we watch our respective countries try and ultimately fail to recover from the alcohol-induced fit of watching time pass. Still in our drunken stupor, we figured we'd take a glance back at the events leading up to the new year, just in case you weren't sober enough to see them. Or in case you were busy, we don't judge! 

First up is the readers choice anime. We had literally hundreds of you guys come and vote for your favourite show, including plenty of new folks registering (hi guys!), so I want to thank you all again for making it a real contest. Believe me, the top three shows were fighting right up until the bitter end!

Readers Choice Anime of 2012 (nomination post)

Not satisfied with a single crown to share among a pretty good selection of anime, we decided to give our own thoughts on what really stood out in the past twelve months. Perhaps you'll find something you want to check out? Perhaps you'll just complain that we have no taste! We bare all, so why not find out what we all thought were the best shows on offer.

Chris' Top 5 Anime

Elliot's Top 5 Anime

Hiroko's Top 4 Anime

Jeff's Top 5 Anime

Josh Tolentino's Top 5 Anime

Josh Totman's Top 4 Anime

Kristina's Top 5 Toyetic Anime

And that pretty much wraps it up! We're going to be here all year, so come chill out with us classy folk and watch as Japan gives us plenty of new and exciting things. Some of us even enjoy that stuff!

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