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The characters of Sen no Kiseki finally get names

4:45 AM on 02.12.2013 // Elliot Gay

With every day that passes, Falcom's upcoming PS3/Vita RPG, Sen no Kiseki, inches ever closer to release. The sixth game in the Kiseki franchise, Sen takes the story into the Erebonian Empire, an area of the world that characters have only ever spoken about. As such, our main playable characters for this new title all hail from the Empire. 

Thanks to a Dengeki Playstation leak, we now have the names of the four main protagonists, and a little bit of backstory for each of them. Keep in mind that a lot of the following details won't make much sense to you unless you have some familiarity with the Kiseki series.

First up is Rin Juwaltzer (romanization pending), the sword wielding young man who appears to be the leader of the group. He's seventeen years old, and is the adopted son of a duke. He was taught his sword technique by Yun Kafei, the grandfather of Anelace (Sora no Kiseki). 

Next is Alisa Leinfort, wielder of the orbal bow. She's seventeen years old, and her mother is the chairman of the Leinfort Company. Alisa seems pushy on the outside, but she's actually a kind young woman.

Third in line is Elliot Gregg, a wielder of the orbal staff. He's sixteen years old, and the son of Klave (romanization pending). Unlike his father, Elliot is an extremely kind person, and his staff is similar to Tio's from Zero and Ao no Kiseki.

The final character is Laura S. Arseid, a wielder of the two handed sword. She's the daughter of Viscount Arseid. The Arseid is an extremely powerful military family that rivals the might of even the Vander family. Laura appears to know Muller Vander (Sora no Kiseki).

Further more, the leaked scans also show tanks, airships, bikes, cable cars, and horses. We already know that the last of those has been confirmed as a means of transportation. The color of your character's uniform also changes based on rank. I'm assuming this is something like the Bracer rank from Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky. One of the central locations in the game seems to be Thor Military Academy. Even more exciting however, is that fan favorite character, Olivier, might be the chairman of the school. 

Day one purchase for me.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info as it hits.

[via Esterior and Dodoitsu]

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