The Cosplay of Comiket 80: Day One

9:00 AM on 08.13.2011

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Ah, Comiket! That most essential of otaku events is going full speed ahead, and the first day has just passed. And before everyone is overwhelmed by the tide of perverted doujinshi and other obscene material (that's for day three!), there's cosplay to be seen. 

And see it you will, in today's massive gallery, full of costumes big and small, great and tall, good and less-than-good.

As might be expected this year the subject du jour is Madoka Magica, with a great many Kyubeys, Madokas, HomuHomus, and other megucas populating the crowd. Also popular were Tiger & Bunny (PepsiCo should be proud) and Panty & Stocking, with a dash of Ano Hana thrown in. A few timeless cosplay favorites continued to make their presence felt, however, including Final Fantasy X and, er, Kuso Miso Technique. Yaranaika?

My true favorite so far, though, is this god-tier God Eater cosplay, mainly due to the incredible prop construction. That God Arc is bigger than he is! I haven't seen a giant weapon that awesome since that one guy built himself a Monster Hunter gunlance.

What about you lot? Any favorites? Notable IPs you wish were present? Me, I was hoping for more pictures of Steins;Gate cosplayers, if only because I don't know how Christina's jacket works and was hoping a cosplayer would have figured it out.

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