The Empire casts its net across Sapporo

4:00 PM on 04.02.2013

Hiroko Yamamura


They don't seem to be enjoying the local shrimp

After taking over the lovely island of Okinawa, Darth Vader and his trusty couple of Storm Trooper have moved their conquests to the hip Japanese city of Sapporo. While experiencing Hoth-like conditions, the Emperor's crew get a bit lost, but make sure to fit some time in for site seeing.

Vader even finds a way to make a big mess on the table, perhaps upset that his life support mask doesn't allow him to drink some delicious hot tea. The whole video series is to promote the reopening of the Tokyo Disneyland Star Tours attraction. I wonder where they'll land their Tie-Fighters next?

[Via Alafista]

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