The latest Xenoblade trailer makes me actually care

Apr 22 // Tim Sheehy

I know some of you probably loved Xenosaga -- some of the music was great and Kosmos was fantastic -- but I was never in love with the series like I had been with its estranged predecessor, Xenogears. In my opinion, Monolith Soft and Bandai were never really able to recreate the magic I experienced the first time I sat through Xenogears. Of course, I say sat through, seeing as it was really more of an interactive book than a traditional JRPG, not that I could complain.

So, I'm sure most of you would probably understand when I say that I pretty much had lost all hope for a proper sequel when Namco Bandai had announced that Xenosaga 3 would be the last in the series. Then, Nintendo managed to pick up Monolith, and while I didn't really bat an eye, considering I thought all was said and done. That was, until I saw the first trailer for Xenoblade.

It caught my interest at first, but it was still too little too late. The first trailer showed plenty of scope for a Wii title. The graphics reminded me of Final Fantasy XII, which arguably might have been some of the best looking 3d visuals achieved with the PS2, but the color and environments depicted seemed drab and lacked the warmth I remembered from my experiences with Xenogears. I knew they weren't the same game or series, but the namesake had sparked the slightest bit of hope in the back of my mind. Well, this latest trailer does quite a bit to change that.

It still might not be what I had hoped for, but everything from the mecha and action sequences, to the characters themselves, gave me a bit of a nostalgia trip -- it was definitely something that I just hadn't expected. Click the jump to see what I mean.


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