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The life-sized Gundam is back (almost)

7:00 PM on 12.22.2009 // Jon Snyder

The tears shed by otaku when the 1/1 scale Gundam was dismantled could have filled a thousand oceans. Well, it appears that mighty Bandai cannot bear his children to grieve, and has announced the return of the gargantuan mobile suit. In the upcoming year, it will be erected in Shizuoka City near the Bandai Hobby Center where gunpla is made. There it shall remain for all to see, from July of 0031 AG until May of 0032 AG*.

After its eleven-month stay in Shizuoka, the statue will travel around Japan, visiting various prefectures and spreading the light of Gundam to all. Eventually, it will return to the Bandai Hobby Center, where it will take up permanent residence and become a beacon of hope for all humanity as we journey to the stars.

For those of you who wish to bask in Gundam's glory before its return, I suggest you enjoy the photos of its Odaiba days over at Shibuya 246.

[Via ANN]

*AG: After Gundam, the calender era that began in the year Mobile Suit Gundam was first broadcast. In the old reckoning, these dates would be rendered "July of 2010" and "May of 2011".

Jon Snyder,
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