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Kamen Rider Build

The next Kamen Rider gives off a nice W vibe

10:00 AM on 07.19.2017 // Salvador G Rodiles

Double Shots Xtreme

When a show decides to recycle a previous idea, it can either be a good or bad thing. In the worst case, it could lead to the team running out of ideas. In terms of reused concepts, Kamen Rider Build, the show that'll replace Ex-Aid, has a system that's similar to the detective-themed show, Kamen Rider W.

While the main Rider's suit has two halves, the difference is that his powers come from special bottles. Interestingly, he uses an organic and an inorganic piece when he transforms, which sets it apart from W. His default form is RabbitTank, which looks like a fusion between Kamen Rider W FangJoker and Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed.

His other transformations include NinNinComic and KeyDragon, which are cool in their own way. Hell, I love how the former might be a shout-out to Naruto and how the former could be a pun based on Kamen Rider Ryuki. Of course, he'll be able to use his tanks like how W uses his Gaia Memories. So far, I'm sold on the suit so Build has my attention.

Other than the main Rider, the secondary hero and the villain were revealed. The former is called Kamen Rider Close and the latter is Nitrogue. Interestingly, I'm getting a Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kiva vibe from the two characters. 

Unlike the other cellphone-using heroes, Build's device can change into a motorcycle. As cool as that is, I'm more interested in his weapon since he fights with an item called the Drill Crusher

While Build's early stuff looks like an improvement over Ex-Aid's strange choices, I'm a bit worried about the show relying on elements from older Rider series, instead of having something to make it stand out. Since Sentai has reused motifs, the program might bring us a new take on heroes who transform with two items. For now, we'll have to wait on the news about the program's team.

So what are your thoughts on Build's designs?

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