The next Metal Gear Solid game is finally revealed

Big Boss should outgrow the 'Snake' callsign already

4:13 AM on 08.30.2012

We're awash in Metal Gear-related news this morning as Konami celebrates the franchise's 25th Anniversary today, and the biggest news of the day so far is now the reveal of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next MGS game. 

The demo shown to attendees isn't online yet, but a few pictures have Famitsu'd their way onto the tubes, which we've put in the gallery. They show off a Snake that looks to be Big Boss, going by the eyepatch, sneaking suit, and the telltale Militaires Sans Frontieres unit badge. 

Given the protagonist and the ending of Peace Walker, I would speculate that Ground Zeroes would tell the story of the founding of Outer Heaven. Barring another side story, it's the only logical place the plot can go without tripping over the original Metal Gear game starring Solid Snake, with Big Boss as the villain. Then again, logic isn't necessarily what I'd automatically assume a Metal Gear plot to subscribe to, so it could be anything.

The game runs on Kojima Productions' spiffy new FOX engine, and appears to be targeting current-generation consoles. The demo was reportedly running on a PC with up-to-date hardware. As for gameplay, excited tweeters suggest it's an open-world title, and the demo showed Snake in a large-scale area crawling around, avoiding and neutralizing patrolling guards, and riding in vehicles. Kojima has cited the core gameplay concept as "Game without Game Over".

Y'know, with this announcement, Big Boss officially has as many mainline Metal Gear titles to his name as his son, Solid Snake, including the pre-PlayStation games. They both have four apiece, with Raiden just taking Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

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Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor