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The next Super Sentai game is quite like Dynasty Warriors

4:00 PM on 08.02.2011 // Josh Tolentino

So much so that Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross' similarity to Koei's long-running franchise is almost uncomfortable. Not as uncomfortable as, say, Sengoku BASARA, but enough to say that it falls squarely into the love-it-or-hate-it niche that Dynasty Warriors and the games that copy them reside in. I'll let you judge it for yourself by the trailer below.

Then again, this type of gameplay lends itself naturally to the decades-old Super Sentai/Power Rangers formula. Color-coded heroes from five years' worth of ranger teams plow through hordes of disposable soldiers before fighting a villain who, after being defeated once, gets really big, necessitating the  use of a giant color-coded robot to deliver the coup de grace. And then there is a moral lesson. 

Hm. When one thinks about it, having Rangers perform all this slaughtering of hapless minions makes a lot more sense than having tarted-up versions of historical leaders or even Gundams do same. Plus, in addition to split-screen multiplayer (Sorry "Online Multiplayer" and "Wii" are almost inherently incompatible concepts), the game comes with a "girlfriend mode", wherein a lazier or less interested couch companion can use the Wii Remote as an off-screen sniper reticle.

As a Dynasty Warriors adherent, I'm interested, but having so many unlicensed teams in the roster will probably dampen its chances for an overseas release. 

Josh Tolentino, Managing Editor
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