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The Wii U is loose, go mad!

6:00 PM on 11.18.2012 // Chris Walden

Reggie is watching you

It feels like quite some time since the world simultaneously smashed their heads on their desks upon seeing Nintendo Land instead of Super Smash Bros. Something, rounding off a pretty neat but somewhat confusing Wii U showing at E3. To think that the console would see the light of day! Of course it has, and those of you in North America will be able to at the very least go and look for one. If you're hunting, good luck on your quest for a deluxe bundle!

Turns out it's not all that bad, and you can head over to Destructoid to check out all the hot details about Nintendo's latest venture into the video game market. Reviews, videos and more, feel free to gorge yourself on information and potentially forfeit your hard earned money with an unexpected purchase. For myself and plenty of others, we'll be waiting a good while longer for the console to drop in our nether regions. 

So, let's talk Wii U! Have you got your mitts on one, or do you even plan to? Waiting for a price drop, or completely disinterested? Let us know in the comments! How about tying in a post with our current Bloggers Wanted topic? A letter to Nintendo about what they are doing right/wrong perhaps? It could get you on the front page!

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