There's no safe way to use Senran Kagura Burst tissues

12:00 PM on 04.23.2012

By "safe", I mean "in public, without wrecking it or making you look like an otaku creeper". You just can't interact, or for that matter not interact with this promotional tissue box for Marvelous sexy 3DS action game Senran Kagura Burst without looking bad. Think about it

Pull out the perforated strip to get at the tissues inside? Nu-uh, creeper, it looks like you're strategically placed diploma. Slitting the box from the back or sides wouldn't count, either. You could opt not to open the box and just keep it around, but nu-uh, then you'd look like a nerd who likes to keep all his creepy otaku swag in mint condition.

Well played, Marvelous.

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Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor