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This Metal Gear bento is the greatest bento

2:00 PM on 12.19.2012

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Snake? Snake? Luuunch!!!

It''s beautiful, like the Mount Rushmore of boxed lunches. Except some stupid mountain doesn't have the faces of two of the world's greatest soldiers (Solid Snake, Big Boss) and one guy whose idea of cool ninja style is to wear cyborg high heels.

The best part is that this food-based celebration of Metal Gear's 25th anniversary is entirely edible, as demonstrated by series creator Hideo Kojima himself when he ate Raiden's face. Apparently the heads are mainly constructed of mashed potatoes. The hair is made of green onions, the bandanas and clothing from seaweed, and the eyes from quail egs and tapioca.

It's wondrous, I tell you, but I don't think I'm man enough to actually eat the thing. You'd need a true warrior's spirit to withstand the immense presence of these videogame heroes long enough to take  a bite out of 'em!

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