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This toilet paper is strangely arousing

9:00 PM on 01.17.2011

Bob Muir


Those looking for a sexy way to go to the bathroom - wait, let me start over. Those looking for a premium erotic experience on the toilet - hm, that sounds iffy too. There's no good way to lead into this news, so I'll just say it. Toranonana has made some toilet paper with sexy girls on the sheets. The Ero Boin toilet paper displays girls from the Happoubijin Boin series. The toilet paper costs ¥450 for one roll, which is definitely a premium over cheaper toilet paper.

I've never gotten the point of toilet paper designs before. I never really cared about the look of something I'm going to wipe on my butt as long as it looks clean. Then again, having sexy pictures nearby in the bathroom might be handy if you're in the right mood, I suppose...

Danny Choo and Akiba Blog have more pictures, mostly NSFW, so click if you dare!

[Thanks, Tim!]

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