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Tiger & Bunny 3D mouse pads are clearly a work of art

10:00 AM on 09.08.2011 // Elliot Gay

I absolutely adore Tiger & Bunny. Shows with tons of colorful characters have a way of sucking me in quickly and without fail. Given its western sort of sensibilities, I really didn't expect the show to gain a huge following in Japan. One look at Pixiv's rankings however reveals that I clearly have no idea what I'm talking about anymore. With this greater success of course means tons of official and unofficial products for the fans to eat up. Since both sexes seem to enjoy the show, 3D mouse pads for either market don't strike me as all that surprising. 

Except they weren't exactly what I was expecting. 

In fact, every time I look at these images, I have a hard time putting my feelings into words. I'll just let the above image do the talking for me. So dear readers, are there any of you who are planning to pick these up? 

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the Japanese in the Bunny photo reads, "Old man! Please don't push so hard... ah."

[via Yaraon!]



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