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Tiger Mask W put down for rabies

12:00 PM on 04.01.2017 // Soul Tsukino

Kitty cat also suffered from mange

It was announced with sadness today that famed hero Tiger Mask W had to be put down after showing symptoms of a rabid infection. Ringside doctors made the call after a disoriented and foaming Tiger Mask attacked wrestler Dragon Young during a match who instantly fell unconscious and started twitching.

Tiger Mask was rounded up by authorities and humanely put down in the locker room before being disposed of in a large green trash bag. 

As a precaution both Tiger the Dark and The Third have been quarantined for an unspecified amount of time. Dragon Young is being held in a medical facility in Osaka while recovering from the attack. No word if Spring Tiger has been affected by this ordeal.

When reached for comment, Tiger Mask's manager Haruna Takaoka just shrugged her shoulders and said "Wouldn't be the first time." before mentioning something about eating a lot of Mint that night.

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