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Time for a winner: Toki Onjouji wins Saimoe 2012

12:03 PM on 11.04.2012 // Josh Tolentino

Moe moe mahjong's first Saimoe win

And it's over! The official 2ch Saimoe 2012 tournament is over (as of a couple of days ago, really), and we have a winner!

According to the whims of the internet and the deadly organization of the pro-Saki voting bloc, it seems 2012's cutest 2D girl is...Toki Onjouji of Saki Side A!

The Vanguard of Senriyama High charged all the way to the top, after Saki cemented its total control of the Final Four spots with Shana's defeat at the hands of Hisa Takei, at which point Saki-ists turned on each other to promote their chosen one to the top spot. And lo, the war was vicious, with fans of Hisa fighting fans of Toki, as well as fending off the hordes that favored Nodoka Haramura and Kuro Matsumi.

In a surprising upset, both Hisa and Nodoka, veterans of the first series, were felled by Kuro and Toki, newcomers from the Side A spinoff, and then there were two.

Ultimately, the Kana Hanazawa-voiced "Dragon Lord" Kuro was taken down by the time-shifting, Yui Ogura-voiced Toki, winning by a bare 311 to 291, practically a Florida-in-2000 difference, and there it went. Toki will reign until next Saimoe. Rejoice, Saki fans! Rejoice harder, Toki fans!

To celebrate, we've also gathered a little gallery below for you to ogle as well. 

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