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Toku fans rejoice: Zangyack Works Log is up for pre-order

5:00 PM on 10.03.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

In dedication to the fallen monsters of the week.

For a good while, I have always dreamed of owning an art book that shows off the concept art behind the monsters and villains that appear in tokusatsu shows. Lord and behold. they have decided to release an art book that features the works of Yasushi Nirasawa. If the name doesn't ring a bell, then you might have seen his monster designs in Kamen Rider Blade, Garo, Kamen Rider Kabuto, Kamen Rider Den-O, and Gokaiger

Nirasawa's art book will be 96-pages long, and it will also feature artwork that wasn't used in any of his commissioned projects, along with an interview with the producers of Gokaiger. Personally, I think that this book is worth owning for any fan of the creature designs from the shows mentioned above. In fact, I have already pre-ordered my copy before this post went live. 

The Zangyack Works Log comes out on October 19th, and you can pre-order your copy for 3,000 yen at Amazon Japan, or at Ami Ami for 2,940 yen. 

[via Henshin Justice]

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