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Tokyo train gets One Piece treatment, is pretty awesome

6:00 AM on 02.23.2011

Dale North

Associate Editor

This morning, on my way to Akihabara (where else?), I took the JR Yamanote from my place towards that direction. I was in a bit of a morning daze, so I didn't notice at first. It wasn't until I saw people walking from the next car to my car, where I was seated, that I noticed something was up.

Right above my head, next to me, and all around this entire train were One Piece images. Every spot where advertising would usually be was filled with One Piece manga art, blown up to epic sizes. They were done in such a way that you couldn't gather too much content from them, but at the same time, they were entertaining on their own. I walked my entire car and onto others, finding that the whole train was packed full of awesome One Piece art and happy onlookers.

I couldn't get pictures of it, but on the outside of the train you could find color artwork near each door. And inside, on the monitors that usually play television-style commercials, was a bunch of fun multiple choice One Piece quizzes. Beyond awesome.

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Dale North

Associate Editor
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