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Tony Hawk and Japan Crate team up to kickflip Japanese snacks to your door

9:10 PM on 08.03.2017 // Red Veron

They will mail it to you, no kickflips

Surprising collaborations seem to be nothing new these days but the surprising part never ceases to do so when it does happen. This time it's the legendary pro skater Tony Hawk teaming up with subscription snack service Japan Crate. I first saw this in a tweet by Tony Hawk yesterday (video tweet below) and took a second for it to register that it was the world renowned skater who helped greatly popularize the sport in the late 90's was touring a Japanese candy factory.

The tweet video by Hawk shows the Hawk family trying out candy at a candy factory in Japan, which shows the entire process of making and packaging the sweet treats to assembling the special Tony Hawk Japan Crate box. The Tony Hawk Japan Crate box will feature 14 Japanese snacks chosen by Tony himself along with a--- get ready for this, a skateboard fidget spinner. Yes, one of those things you see these days but shaped in a skateboard but with Tony Hawk's name on it which makes it cooler.

There is also another promo video of Tony Hawk in Japan about the collaboration below giving us some insight on this very interesting box of goodies. We'll try to get one of these special Tony Hawk Japan Crates for an unboxing video, as well as maybe something special for those wanting to get a Japan Crate so stay tuned!

Check out more details over at Japan Crate

Red Veron, Contributor
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