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Too much greatness for one video: Leah Dizon dressed as a waitress in a Tsundere Cafe

12:04 AM on 09.11.2007 // Dale North

First off, I apologize for the lack of subtitles, but this video should be easy enough for anyone to follow. 

The absolutely lovely American-born Japanese idol Leah Dizon and friends hit up a Tsundere Cafe in Akihabara. That alone should be good enough to sell most of you on this video, but it does get better. The girls get their expected terrible service, and then Leah gets a chance to try this special brand of waitressing on a couple of customers herself. The problem is that she's far too lovely and sweet to pull off that level of service, but her friends commend her on her "scary" service anyway.

If Leah were to serve me, I'd be fine with even the worst service. Go ahead, spill coffee on me -- I'd still tip.  

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