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Touhou represents at the K-1 fighting tournament

8:30 PM on 03.27.2010

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Every performer needs a good "hook", and kickboxer Nagashima "Jienotsu" Yuichiro has found the best hook. A better hook than Hard Gay, even.

If you haven't inferred it yet from the header, his hook is cosplay, and he is known as the Cosplay Fighter. He is frequently introduced as "No ordinary otaku". And he isn't an ordinary otaku, because he could probably kick your ass.

Jienotsu won all three matches of his one-day, three-round kickboxing competition, obtaining victory by KO in each match. Now the Cosplay Fighter will fight for all of Glorious Nippon, representing Japan at the K-1 World MAX Championship tourney.

Which Touhou character will he be cosplaying as when the global rounds get under way? You can see a collection of his entrances embedded below, where he approached the ring dressed as Reimu, Marisa and Eirin. Who's next?

[Thanks to Ko for the tip!]

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