ToyFes reveals strange fascination with Thomas the Train

11:00 PM on 11.08.2009

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Do you remember Thomas the Train? Light blue locomotive, also goes by Thomas the Tank Engine, has trouble with hills? Turns out he and his trainyard gang are still around, and apparently quite huge in Japan and the world of cheap toy knockoffs.

Moeyo went to Japan's Toy Festival and came back with a disturbingly enthusiastic report concerning Thomas' latest unlicensed adventures.

It seems that the train-man's been taking up crimefighting on the side, as two motorized figures were seen deploying Thomas and friends' secret weapons: giant robots. Footage of the top-secret operations is available below. Thomas himself took to the front lines as a humanoid soldier, allowing his dead, vacant expression to strike fear into the heart of the railway industry's foes.

To battle greater enemies, Thomas and his pals are capable of uniting, forming a freakish menage a' train, able to fight  on multiple vectors, with terrifying train-faces on all sides

Other models on display that are surely aides to Thomas' quest for vengeance/justice were Happy Drama Cat, a horror-world incarnation of Doraemon...if Doraemon's face could split in half to reveal an elephant's countenance, and Robot Taekwon V, Korea's version of Mazinger Z

Truly, this is the age of slow news days.

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