Tsumashii Otaku: January 19th, 2007

7:13 PM on 01.19.2007 // Dale North

Tsumashii otaku, or "thrifty enthusiast" is a weekly feature where we find and share great deals on otaku goods, because we know first hand how much it costs to be an otaku. I had every intention of sending you on a click journey, but there is no need this week: Robert's Anime Corner Store has the hookup on good deals. Hopefully you've seen Witch Hunter Robin - it's an incredible series with wonderful art and music. Regardless of whether you have or not, it's hard to pass up the entire Anime Legends boxset for only $29.98. Although not near as good as Witch Hunter Robin, the Geneshaft boxset is a steal at $23.98 - for the price of one normal anime DVD you get the whole series. The deal of the week is all of the Geneon anime soundtracks for $5. What a steal! There are some real gems in here: both "Ai Yori Aoshi" OSTs, "Final Fantasy Unlimited Adventure 1", "Love Hina Best Collection", "Rahxephon" and many more. Let me know if you've seen any other good deals out there. Happy shopping!

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