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Turbulence: FUNi's Last Exile FAM box sets get delayed

1:00 PM on 02.19.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

No need to panic.

Well, it looks like FUNimation's release of Last Exile - FAM, The Silver Wing took a wrong turn off of the designated flight path. But no need to fear, since they are only facing a minor delay in FAM's release date. 

Instead of arriving on the designated date of April 30th, both FAM box sets will be landing on September 10th. I will admit that it's a bit unfortunate for viewers that wanted it to buy in during the spring season, but at least you are still getting it this year, so the slight delay won't be something to cry home about.  

I would also like to thank everyone that replied to my question last weekend, since your suggestions helped out greatly. In regards to your comments, my plan will involve adding Last Exile to my anime back burner. That said, I hope that Toonami airs the first series in the future, because Last Exile's premise sounds like something that would feel right at home with Toonami's lineup.  

[via Robert's Anime Corner Blog]

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