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Un-vanilla Vanillaware: Dragon's Crown reveal comes soon

2:00 PM on 03.14.2013
Dragon's Crown teaseUn-vanilla Vanillaware: Dragon's Crown reveal comes soon photo

I'm really looking forward to Dragon's Crown on the PS Vita and PS3, and there are two well-endowed reasons for that. The first reason is that Vanillaware's games are invariably gorgeous. It's like they come from an alternate universe where games technology evolved towards better and better 2D artwork rather than 3D polygons. The second is that Dragon's Crown looks like a pretty decent-looking four-player brawler, in the tradition of the Dungeons & Dragons side-scrolling games, and one of my old favorites, Turtles in Time.

And now the painful wait may be made a tiny bit less painful by next week, as Atlus have teased some kind of new reveal or information to be released on March 21st, perhaps even sooner if they plan the reveal to come out in easily-leaked issues of Famitsu. If we're lucky, whatever info they put out will include a definitive release date for the title.

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Dragon's Crown

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This Dragon's Crown Tiki figure is looking pretty swell

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Dragon's Crown updates with cross-play action

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Party Up: Dragon's Crown to get cross-platform play

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Rejoice, adventurers: Dragon's Crown receives a new patch

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