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Unboxing! Bakemonogatari Blu-ray Complete Set

8:01 AM on 11.30.2012 // Jeff Chuang

I should get sharper scissors

Well, here it is, Aniplex of America's Bakemonogatari Blu-ray set. I get the feeling if you paid for it and got it for yourself (or better yet, as a gift), you wouldn't take the time slowly opening it and savoring it. The box set comes with relatively few physical goodies, so it takes no time to go through everything. If the unboxing experience flashed by you, you can now relive it via this video with me doing the narrating. Of course, I'm sure some of you out there would do exactly the opposite, and carefully taste and digest every word off of that bonus booklet or notice the way the back cover inserts provide those full-color, fully illustrated discs some gorgeous background art. 

Within my limited experience with Japanese imported Blu-ray box sets, this one ranks on the light end in terms of packaged goods and bonus items. Like most Japanese releases, the quality is pretty high up there, as far as printing, the artwork, design, and the quality of the plastic. Even if it is colored like lox. For those of you who want to know what's on the disc, please keep an eye on the full review, coming soon, and if it's worth the extravagant price tag after all is said and done. 

Jeff Chuang, Associate Editor
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