Unboxing! Nintendo Wii U

5:00 PM on 11.27.2012

After lots of doubt, a little bit of panic, and fair dash of rabid consumerism... I ended up picking up a Wii U last week. I know, A few Podcasts ago I mentioned I didn't want it. I can't explain what happened. I just woke up really... needing it!

Well my empty wallet, and impulse ways may be to your benefit, as we take a look inside the Wii U: Deluxe Edition. Besides being black, the console comes with extra storage, a game, and a few other elements. They all seem to add up to more than a $50 dollar value to me, and I really didn't want a white console. Although I really haven't had a chance to play the unit yet, I'm actually pretty excited to take it for a spin.

If I hate, you can be sure I'll be crying about it on here. Did any of you guys pick up the system yet? Going to wait for the inevitable Nintendo price drop? Hopefully this video will help you make up your mind!

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