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Uncut episodes of Pupa coming to DVD February 12th

5:00 PM on 02.06.2014 // Brittany Vincent

It's probably still going to be mediocre

If you've been following my coverage of Pupa, you probably know how often I lament the fact that it's censored and far too short to do the source material justice. Looks like I'm far from the only one with an issue with it. Back on January 21st when audiences were treated to an advance screening, fans were left clearly wanting something a little more meaty. See what I did there? That's why Monthly Comic Earth Star is going to be including a DVD of the uncut anime in its March issue.

The DVD of uncut episodes will feature 1-3, which will include uncut visuals (they'll have to be significantly detailed since the art is horrendous) as well as "enthusiastic performances" by the voice actors during said scenes. I suppose that's all well and good, but this means little in the way of reparations when so much is already wrong with the series. I suppose it would be an interesting change of pace to see the content that was cut out from the first few episodes, but it's so short to begin with that extra content may not even be that significant. In any case, I'm still curious about what I've been missing.

The March issue of Monthly Comic Earth Star will release the same day the final volume of the manga is, which will undoubtedly be a much wilder ride than the show. Still, it might be interesting to see what we've been missing from the series in the first place. 

[via Tokyo Otaku Mode]

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