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Update on image epoch's Black Rock Shooting game for iOS

2:00 PM on 09.14.2012

Kristina Pino


Released, international, universal!

Recently I wrote up a post about the Petite Black Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of Planet Sexy game, and I wasn't sure whether it was going to be available internationally or not. Today I've learned that it is indeed available - at least in the US region. I've downloaded the game and I'll be back with a full preview of my own. 

For now though, you can check out Mikatan's blog! She looked at the game today and has her own preview and run-down of this free game. Mikatan goes over the basics, how to shoot and what the screens look like during regular combat, boss fights and for bonuses later on. It looks like everything is pretty visual, as you can expect from the Japanese, so even if you don't know what's going on language-wise, you should be able to get by. 

Again, I'll be running my own preview soon, so please look forward to it. Check out the gallery for a few images from Mikatan's blog and let us know if you'll be giving this shooter game a try! If you're looking in the app store and you don't want to try and type in the game title in Japanese, you could always search though the developer (imageepoch inc). It's also one of those big downloads which requires you be connected to a WiFi network. 

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