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Our comments system is powered by Disqus, who helps us fight spam and provides cool real-time conversation to our community.

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Our websites + Your Disqus Account(s)

When you registered with us you create a separate Disqus account to comment. Our systems work in unison. If a special circumstance caused your account to fall out of sync you can easily correct it using the tools below:

Override your Comments Avatar

If your comments avatar doesn't appear correctly, you can modify it directly on their control panel.

Comments Email Notifications

Yep, you can set that up. Check it out. You can also set an alternate email address and time zone.

Seeing multiple accounts? You might be able to merge.

We've asked Disqus to clarify their accounts merge feature, but it seems to change all the time. Some users have reported it works, some do not. The company may have deprecated this feature, but we'd like to list what we know about it here just in case it helps, particularly if you created a Disqus profile with us FIRST:

Here's how it used to work: First click here to manage your account, choose "merging" on the top left, and tidy that up a bit. You won't see a "merge" tab if it does not apply to you. If you see it, here's what to do:

Cool stuff you can do

Vote Comments Up and Down

Give praise to the people that best contribute to the conversation!

Sort Comments any way you want

If you prefer not to have votes affect the way you read comments, simply edit the default sorting method. They can appear in the order received, or the newest first to minimize your need to scroll.

Upload giant photos without flooding the thread

Just start typing a comment and a little photo uploader icon will appear on the bottom left. When you save your comment, it will appear as a thumbnail that readers can expand. Dark magic!

Edit Comments! Report or Ignore Theads!

You can edit your comments for a brief period of time after they are posted. Moderators have a log of edited comments, so don't try to sneak anything dirty by us :)

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