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Long-form editorial from the community.

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The-Excel . Oct 26

Promoted Blog: How to fix Capcom

[Community member The-Excel's got quite a lot to say about fixing up Japanese gaming giant Capcom, and a mind to share his thoughts with everyone. If you've got some awesome insights of your own to share that beg to be shared...   0

The-Excel . Jan 18

Review: Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo - Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA

[Back in August, The-Excel wrote this massive piece on a yuri work that deserves to be revisited now that we're in full swing of Ero Week. Enjoy, and watch out for some of the NSFW links enclosed. The post itself is fine for ...   0

The-Excel . Feb 21

My Evaluation of Gurren Lagann (Spoilers?)

Yup, Gurren Lagann again. This time around, The-Excel explains why hype aversion has ruined the show for him. Alright, it's official. Gurren Lagann has been discussed to death. Guess you Cbloggers will have to find something ...   0

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