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Salvador GRodiles . Sep 02

Full Throttle: Garage Hero takes a look at Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future

Bueno of Garage Hero/Garage Pro TV has returned to share his thoughts on another tokusatsu movie. This time around, he's taking Kamen Rider Drive the Movie: Surprise Future for a joyride with his comrades Michael (Gun Calibe...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Sep 01

Kamen Rider Ghost's special video takes us back to outer space

Now that September has started, the folks at Toei have spooked up a new video for Kamen Rider Ghost on their tokusatsu YouTube channel. Apparently, there seems to be a spaceship involved in this segment. Wait a minute... Isn...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 29

Japanator Live: It's time to loot Ys II's Shrine

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.] During last week's stream, I was able to return Adol to his human form. Thanks to this accomplishment, I've been left with a key that's capable of opening most of the d...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 28

TRIGGER and Rikka's latest short is a great love letter to classic movies

For a good while, I had this idea in my head about how the world would analyze fiction in the next one thousand or million years. One of my ideas was that archeologists and historians would use them as the basis for new mytho...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 27

Annotated Tokusatsu: Garo: Gold Storm Soar episodes 17-19

Once again, Garo: Gold Storm Soar is treading into climatic territories that make us think that we’re in for a final clash. Obviously, these moments are only meant to set the stage for the true finale, but the climatic ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 22

Japanator Live: Sal bumps his way through Ys II's floating island

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.] After successfully bumping Ys I's last boss into oblivion, I took my first step into Ys II's world. Based on the way how Adol's new spells work, it looks like he has an...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 21

Michiko & Hatchin Director's new short takes us to the ice rink

To this day, some of the best Animator Expo pieces have been the animated music video. Compare to most of the project's segments, these anime shorts tend to have a beginning, middle, and end to their stories. Mind you, there ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 19

Tenshin Da: Dairanger is up for pre-order

It's been a month since Shout! Factory announced that they're releasing Dairanger in North America, and the show is can now be pre-ordered at the company's Website. While it's unfortunate that one can't reserve the serie...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 18

Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episodes 4-5

We’re five episodes into Ultraman X, and the show has finally unleashed its good playing cards. Not only did we get to fall in love with the rest of XiO’s crew, the show gave us a cameo appearance in the form...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 16

Japanator Live: Sal gives Ys I one last bump

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch the three parts of the Ys I stream here, here, and here. As a heads-up, the final one focuses on Ys II.] Alright, people. The time for me to overcome the first Ys game has come. ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 14

Animator Expo's 27th short is a colorful treat

Whenever the Japan Animator Expo project pops out a decent piece, a stronger one takes its place. In this case, Takashi Nakamura's (Robot Carnival's "Nightmare" short and Tree of Palme's Director) piece, "Bubu ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 13

What if The Legend of Zelda took place in the Wild West?

When the folks at Beatdown Boogie aren't shooting at a con, they go behind the set to create their own special projects. In their latest video, the group gives us a taste of how The Legend fo Zelda would turn as a spaghetti ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 10

Annotated Tokusatsu: Garo: Gold Storm Soar episodes 13-16

It looks like we’ve hit a major point in Gold Storm’s plot. Wait a second… Isn’t this show supposed to run for 25 episodes?! I guess they’re planning something huge if the staff is pulling out t...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 08

Indie toku series Mythos continues with its origin episodes

In an era where there's only four or five toku series airing in Japan each year, it feels refreshing when people create new projects about costumed heroes and/or monsters. From Garage Hero to Samurai Action Studio's stuff, t...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 08

Japanator Live: Sal gets wasted with VA-11 HALL-A Prologue

[Update: The stream is over, but you can check out part one, two, three, and four of the segment on Twitch. Also, the fourth part is the start of VA-11 HALL-A's recent demo.] So I finally decided to hop on Sukeban Game's waif...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 07

Experience Animator Expo short 26's twin-related hijinks

Is it me or was this week's Animator Expo short a bit weak on the humor side? Who knows, it might have to do with my lack of experience with Showa era comedy skits. Then again, "Comedy Skit 1989" made me giggle during so...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 07

Garage Hero series Ayakashi Zamurai is now on YouTube

You know, it feels kind of weird to see the Toei ocean wave sequence appear before a Garage Hero project. Nevertheless, it's great to see that Bueno and his group got to team up with them and YouTube Space to create Ayakashi...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 06

Mega Ran shows us how to get unlimited continues

Mega Ran is back with another rad music video, and he's bringing D&D Slugger along for the ride. As a part of his upcoming track, RNDM, "Infinite Lives" conveys the importance of finding ways to turn your life into an ar...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 04

Rest in Peace: Masayuki Izumi passes away

Ladies and gentlemen; it pains me to tell you all that Masayuki Izumi passed away on July 28. Sadly, the guy left to the other side at 35, which was too soon for someone at that age. The cause of his death was an undisclosed ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 03

Annotated Tokusatsu: Ultraman X episode 3

Another day, another city to be ruined by a giant monster. Yup, that’s Ultraman X’s format for ya. I guess that those pesky creatures just want to walk the Earth after being freed from their toy-like states. Not t...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Aug 01

Japanator Live: Sal bumps shoulders with Ys I's evil creatures

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.] It's finally time for to change things up around here, and I figured that it's time for me to test my ramming skills in Ys I. Of course, I'll be testing my luck in...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 31

Animator Expo's 25th short is ready to smash things up

It seems that I was right about the Japan Animator Expo project returning this week since their latest short is up on their site. Since this is the first episode of the series' third season, it's fitting for the 25t...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 29

Kamen Rider Ghost's latest details are to die for

For a good while, it's been known that the latest bug-eyed hero in the Kamen Rider franchise was going to sport a supernatural motif. While we've seen glimpses of the show's titular character as a toy and a few ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 27

Japanator Live: Sal gets his revenge on Chantelise's last boss

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.] With Chroma Squad's three story routes complete, Sal is ready to take on Chantelise's final boss again. Now that he's found a better defensive item, there's a slig...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 27

First Impressions: Ultraman X episodes 1-2

For a good while, my only experience with the Ultra franchise was Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends, which was directed by Koichi Sakamoto (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and Ultraman Ginga S’ Director). Honestly, I&rs...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 24

Here's a quick sample of Animator Expo's Third Season

At last, the Japan Animator Expo project has uploaded a trailer for their upcoming season. From the looks of it, the third installment sounds like it'll be better than ever. I mean, we get to see another Tsuburaya hero g...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 23

Celebrate Secret of Evermore's 20th Anniversary with a remastered soundtrack

Oct. 1 may not be here yet, but that isn't stopping Sean Schafianski (Chrono Trigger: Jazz Arranged Version) from releasing his Secret of Evermore arranged soundtrack known as Secret of Evermore: Remastered Tracks. In t...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 21

Rejoice! Five Boomslank shirts get reprinted

If you're into wearing sweet-looking clothes, our friends at Boomslank have reprinted not one but five shirts. But that's not all folks; instead of re-releasing each apparel, P-Shinobi has updated "Airport," "Flag," "Live," "...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 19

Japanator LIVE: Sal suits up for Chroma Squad's Metal Hero Route

[Update: The live stream is over, but you can watch it here.] The time has finally arrived, people; Sal is ready to add the finishing touches to the Japanatorger's final journey. Since he only has one more route left to finis...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 18

Annotated Tokusatsu: Garo: Gold Storm Soar episodes 8-12

It looks like Garo Gold Storm Soar is picking up from where it left off and things continue to get more real. Along the way, we get a tasty serving of story and character development that sheds more light on the show’s ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 17

Feast your eyes on The Garage: Tokusatsu Tutorial's badass insect-themed hero

The folks at Garage Hero may be busy with adding the final touches to Ayakashi Zamurai, but that's not stopping them from showing us some images of The Garage: Tokusatsu Tutorial's hero. For the record, the sho...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 15

It's time for war: Square's Million Arthur game is now available

We're in the middle of July and GAMEVIL has released Square-Enix's Million Arthur game on the Android and iOS. To be more specific, it came out on July 14, but you get what I mean. In light of this day, the company uploaded ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 15

Rejoice? The next Gundam series gets Anohana's Director and Writer

[Update: GundamInfo posted a recap video of the show's press conference, which can be watched below] Now this is what I like to call an unexpected turn of events. During the live stream for the next Gundam series, Mobile Sui...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 14

Simulcast GET: Crunchyroll nabs Ultraman X

Well, folks; I think it's safe to say that 2015 is a great year to be a tokusatsu fan. Last week, Shout! Factory announced Dairanger's North American DVD release, and Crunchyroll has now revealed that they're simulcasting Ult...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 12

Japanator Live: It's time for more Chantelise

[Update: The stream is now over, but you can watch it right here.] Now that Sal has mastered the ways of the Night Driver in Chroma Squad, the guy returns to his adventures in the world of Chantelise. Little did he know, his ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 12

SDCC '15: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters' uncut episodes are now on Crunchyroll

Good news, everyone; the folks at 4K Media Inc., the company that handles the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise's license and marketing, have announced at Comic Con that Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters is now on Crunchyroll in its uncut glory. As ...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 11

SDCC '15: Dairanger fights its way to North America

[Update: The gang at Ranger Crew have confirmed that the series hits North America later this year.] Congratulations, people! Thanks to everyone who supported Shout! Factory's Zyuranger release, the company has announced at C...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 10

SDCC '15: Power Rangers Dino Super Charge gets an electrified teaser

Ever since Saban got the rights to Power Rangers again, I felt that their latest installments were disappointing. Samurai could've been a decent show, but the terrible acting direction held it back. Right when it s...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 09

Aw snap: Mega Ran and Mighty No. 9 team up for a sweet deal

I may not be up to date with Mega Ran's music, but there's something amazing about the way how the guy tells an engaging story while he raps. Whether it's his tunes about the Blue Bomber, Final Fantasy VII, or other neat top...   0

Salvador GRodiles . Jul 05

Japanator Live: Sal kicks his way through Chroma Squad's Rider Route

[Update: The stream is over, but you can watch it here.] After going through a second playthrough, Sal has finally reached the point in Chroma Squad where he must make an important choice. For the sake of consistency, the guy...   0

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