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jel x . Feb 07

My Favorite Anime Opening(s): Macross Frontier

When you create a story in which music literally changes the fate of the universe, it stands to reason you're going to get some pretty great tunes out of it. Macross Frontier does not disappoint in that regard, delivering sev...   0

jel x . Nov 28

Fabulous Dressers: Penguindrum

[Community member jel x is featured here in another promoted Monthly Musing c-blog! jel x has chosen the world of Mawaru Penguindrum to talk about this time around. If you want to participate, there's stil...   0

jel x . Dec 12

Best OPs and EDs of 2012

[The first promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted! The wonderful jel x has given us what he believes to be the best opening and ending music from 2012! Hit the jump and see if they match your own, but if they don't...   0

jel x . May 14

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Award Ceremony

We've reached the end of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and it has been quite a journey. Over the past two months we selected 64 of our favorite anime girls and week by week narrowed the list down to one. With the final votes cast, we...   0

jel x . May 07

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Championship Round

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Championship Round of Japanator Saimoe 2012! Our two finalists are ready to go and will soon be locked in the ultimate high stakes battle! Which young lady will stand victorious as the Que...   0

jel x . May 04

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Fall/Winter Semifinal

We are in the Eleventh hour of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and only one round away from the Championship! In a little over a week our long journey will come to an end and we will crown our most beloved anime girl from the past year...   0

jel x . Apr 30

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring/Summer Semifinal

We have arrived at Week 7 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and the end is coming into view. The final four girls have been decided, and after what looks to be an intense semifinal, we will be ready to vote on our winner! Who will be ...   0

jel x . Apr 27

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Winter Quarterfinal

Japanator Saimoe 2012 continues as the final decisive battle draws near! Three more contestants will be sent home this round, setting us up for our semifinal showdown. Who will be the last girl standing? We are so close to f...   0

jel x . Apr 23

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Fall Quarterfinal

We're entering week 6 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and this unstoppable freight train of cute girls and democratic process keeps moving forward! This week features the second half of the quarterfinals, so by this time next week w...   0

jel x . Apr 19

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Summer Quarterfinal

Japanator Saimoe 2012 keeps on rolling as we sweep through the quarterfinals! The tension is mounting as three more girls will be eliminated this round, moving us ever so closer to finding the most deservingly adorable anime ...   0

jel x . Apr 16

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring Quarterfinal

We're heading into Week 5 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and it's time for the quarterfinals! The people have spoken and selected the 16 most worthy animated young ladies from last year to continue on. With only the top entries rem...   0

jel x . Apr 12

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Winter Opening Round

Are you ready for the next round of cute anime girl deliberation? Well we've got your fix as Japanator Saimoe 2012 continues! With more than half the field already eliminated, the pressure is mounting for our final opening ro...   0

jel x . Apr 09

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Fall Opening Round

We're kicking of week 4 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and the competition is as fierce as ever! With two more opening rounds to cover this week we are inching closer and closer to crowning our Saimoe Queen. The Fall bracket f...   0

jel x . Apr 05

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Summer Opening Round

Japanator Saimoe 2012 rolls on but our quest to find the most dangerously endearing girl in anime has only just begun! The Spring opening round is in the books but there is still plenty of good ol' fashioned internet debate t...   0

jel x . Apr 02

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring Opening Round

ARE YOU READY TO SAIMOE? The sixty-four most HHNNGGGG-worthy ladies from the previous year of anime have been selected for battle as Japanator Saimoe 2012 starts NOW! With the nomination period over, it's vote or die from her...   0

jel x . Mar 29

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Winter Nominations

We've reached the final nomination round of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and we are just a few days away from starting the tournament in full! To prepare for the upcoming Anime Girl Apocalypse though, we need nominees for the Winter...   0

jel x . Mar 26

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Fall Nominations

We're kicking off week 2 of Japanator Saimoe 2012 and there is still plenty of anime-girl-debate to be had! With half the field yet to be decided, now is the perfect opportunity to jump in and let the rest of the Japantor com...   0

jel x . Mar 24

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Summer Nominations

Japanator Saimoe 2012 continues with Summer nominations and we're just getting warmed up! Now is your chance to nominate sixteen more of your favorite anime girls and mathematically prove which one is best. Do you really want...   0

jel x . Mar 20

Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring Nominations

Get those anime season charts and wiki pages ready because Japanator Saimoe 2012 starts today! In the year since our last tournament we've seen dozens of memorable new characters as well as some returning contenders. Now's th...   0

jel x . Mar 12

March Madness! Japanator Saimoe 2012 Begins Next Week

Need a break from all the basketball talk? Feeling more inclined to discuss tsunderes and yanderes than point guards and power forwards? Well save some strength in that writing hand for one more bracket because it's time for ...   0

jel x . Sep 07

Promoted Story: KyoAni and the power of suggestion

[Community member Jel X had some intriguing things about the secret to Kyoto Animation's succes. We've decided that those thoughts deserved a place on the front page. If you've got some awesome thoughts to illuminate the worl...   0

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