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May 11 // Michelle Rodanes

Fishbowl bra aims to keep women cool in the summer

As you guys may know, Japan is expected to experience power shortages this summer as a result of nuclear power reactors being shut down in recent weeks. Some companies have already begun to cash in on the event by offering pr...
May 11 // Michelle Rodanes

SHIRI: the Japanese robot butt that responds to touch

A team of researchers from the Hentai Tokyo University of Electro-Communications have recently revealed their latest achievement in sensory robotics: SHIRI, the robotic butt. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Are you by any ...
May 11 // Michelle Rodanes

Gust releases Atelier Ayesha opening movie

Gust is getting ready to release their newest PS3 fantasy RPG Atelier Ayesha on June 28th, and just to make sure they've got our attention they've gone and released the game's opening movie in advance. The dreamy track in th...
May 10 // Michelle Rodanes

Tokyo Firefly Festival LED light installation is stunning

Last week, Panasonic put together a beautiful art installation in Tokyo as part of the city’s Symphony of Light event held during their annual Firefly Festival. Hundreds of LED lights wrapped within tiny orbs floated a...
May 09 // Michelle Rodanes

Japanator Kinda Recommends: Coicent, Five Numbers

The Japanator review process is very elaborate. We basically jump on stuff that we are really psyched to watch and save the rest for later. To some, this method might seem neglectful and self-serving, we like to call it &ldqu...
May 08 // Michelle Rodanes

Idol of the Week: Mai Hakase

Name: Mai Hakase Birthdate: March 25, 1987 Measurements: 93/60/90 Blood Type: A Mai Hakase is a model and former participant in the Japanese reality TV show Ainori. Last February, she was among the three winners of Kobunsha's...
May 08 // Michelle Rodanes

Osaka to hide tattooed city employees

In Japan, tattoos --particularly full-body ones- have long been associated with the Yakuza. Partly due to safety reasons, even today public places such as bathhouses and gyms have banned people bearing large tattoos from ent...
May 08 // Michelle Rodanes

Beer Jug Jokki Hour will blow your minds

Last year, a certain Japanese McDonald’s commercial featuring several kids freaking out over Sponge Bob drinking straws became an internet phenomenon. Unfortunately for them, advertising is always one step ahead. Their...
May 07 // Michelle Rodanes

K-ON! college years manga to wrap up in June

Author Kakifly announced last week that one of his K-ON! spin-off manga will be ending this June 9th. Launched in April of last year on Manga Time Kirara Magazine, the series followed the adventures of a college-aged cast.&nb...
May 07 // Michelle Rodanes

New Code Geass: Akito the Exiled trailer is jazzy, hectic

A new promotional trailer for the upcoming Code Geass: Akito the Exiled theatrical OVA was released this week. Directed by Kazuki Akane (Escaflowne: The Movie, Noein: To Your Other Self) with character designs by CLAMP ...
May 06 // Michelle Rodanes

Japan now spends more on bread than rice

Japan has a long history of producing high-quality rice. Aside from being an important part of the country’s diet, the grain has also played a significant cultural role. In recent years, however, western-style bread has...
May 06 // Michelle Rodanes

Japan switches off last nuclear reactor

While we were all busy sipping margaritas for Cinco de Mayo, Japan shut down its last working nuclear reactor last Saturday. As of today, all of the country’s 54 nuclear reactors are offline. This is the first time that...
May 04 // Michelle Rodanes

Historie threatens to steal Thermae Romae's spotlight

Japan’s fascination with ancient times continues. Last week, Hitoshi Iwaaki’s historical seinen Historie won the the Manga Grand Prix at the 16th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. Praised by critics as one of Iwaaki&rs...
May 04 // Michelle Rodanes

It's the end of Claymore as we know it

Looks like it’s the end of Claymore as we know it (and I feel fine). In recent weeks, rumors had been circulating the Internet --and by "the Internet" I mean mostly 2ch-, about Norihiro Yagi’s long-running dark fa...
May 04 // Michelle Rodanes

Evangelion Vol. 13 limited-edition coming this November

After a very long hiatus, the Evangelion manga is finally ready to make a comeback. Volume 13 of the series will hit Japanese stores on November 2nd. This will be the first installment to be published since March of 2010...
May 03 // Michelle Rodanes

Japanator Recommends: Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a charming little doujin put together by Japanese game developing duo 773 (a.k.a Nanami). Nyu Media and Capcom USA saw enough promise in it to bring it to North America. It was officially relea...
May 03 // Michelle Rodanes

Gusko Budori trailer is out, Sugii still loves cats

Warner Bros. released the full trailer of the upcoming animated film Gusko Burori no Denki. Directed by Gisaburo Sugii (Astro Boy, Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini), the movie is scheduled to open in Japan on July 7t...
May 02 // Michelle Rodanes

Handsome monk picture books are now a thing

Here at Japanator we don’t judge. What is that you say? you have a soft spot for smoothly shaved heads and monastic robes? we totally respect that. In fact, we want you know that handsome monk picture books are now a th...
May 02 // Michelle Rodanes

Japan and South Korea engage in another petty argument

Japan and South Korea are at it again, like a couple of kids fighting over which first generation Power Ranger is the toughest. Okay, that's a harsh over-simplification of the relationship between the two countries, but this ...
May 02 // Michelle Rodanes

Hetalia Axis Powers Vol. 3 gets English release

Right Stuf has partnered with manga publisher Tokyopop to bring us the third volume of the NY Times Best Selling series Hetalia Axis Powers in English for the first time ever. The first print-run is scheduled for release in l...
May 01 // Michelle Rodanes

Idol of the Week: Shoko Nakagawa

Name: Shoko Nakagawa Birthdate: May 05, 1985 Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Height: 155 cm Blood Type: A Shoko Nakagawa is kind of a big deal. Aside from being the host of the Pokemon Sunday variety show, she is also a notable blogge...
May 01 // Michelle Rodanes

Life-size Macross VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie on display

Didn't you know? Life-size Gundam replicas are so last year, Super Dimension Fortress Macross Variable Fighters are now all the rage. This magnificent 1/1 scale VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie --in GERWALK mode-, is currently being s...
May 01 // Michelle Rodanes

Lupin III first series coming to DVD on June 26

Discotek Media announced sometime last year that they had managed to license the first season of the legendary television series Lupin III. After several months of hard work, the company is almost ready to release it to ...
Apr 30 // Michelle Rodanes

Chicano Rap and Lowrider culture in Japan

It’s common knowledge that American pop culture has had a great impact in Japanese media, particularly when it comes to music and fashion, but it’s a much lesser known fact that Chicano culture has also been prett...
Apr 30 // Michelle Rodanes

Japan opens largest McDonald's branch in Harajuku

Last Sunday, McDonald’s Japan opened its largest branch in Harajuku Omotesando. The store is approximately 795 square feet and can seat up to 328 hungry customers. Very soon from now the restaurant will also have its v...
Apr 29 // Michelle Rodanes

Funimation grabs Eureka AO and King of Thorn

Funimation revealed this weekend during Anime Central that they have acquired home media rights to the ongoing sci-fi series Eureka Seven: AO and the Sunrise Studios anime film King of Thorn. The company also announced that E...
Apr 28 // Michelle Rodanes

Swedish visual key performer Yohio is fabulous max

Yohio is a bishonen visual kei artist of Swedish descent who can shred like it’s nobody’s business --he also has a voice like a beautiful golden cherub wrapped in velvet diapers. Ever since he began performing in...
Apr 28 // Michelle Rodanes

Sakuraba's Fuse film adaptation trailer released

The first trailer for the anime film adaptation of Kazuki Sakuraba’s Fuse: A Gun Girl’s Detective Story has begun to circulate the Internet. Adapted by Ichiro Okouchi (Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion, Eureka Sev...
Apr 28 // Michelle Rodanes

Japan named most creative country, Japanese disagree

In a recent survey carried out by the multinational software company Adobe, global respondents named Japan the most creative country in the world. Japanese, however, disagreed with most participants. Figures estimate that as ...
Apr 27 // Michelle Rodanes

Growlanser Wayfarer of Time coming this summer

Yesterday, Atlus USA released the opening movie from the long-awaited strategy RPG Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time. The PSP title is scheduled to hit stores all across North America sometime this summer. This will be the first...
Apr 27 // Michelle Rodanes

About 40% of foreigners seldom interact with Japanese

The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper recently published the results of a sociological survey carried out by Toyota. The study was conducted in Aichi, a prefecture known for employing many foreign employees in  auto manufacturin...
Apr 27 // Michelle Rodanes

English-dubbed Gundam UC Vol. 5 preview streamed

Gundam Unicorn Vol. 5 will premiere in Japanese theaters on May 19th and Bandai is promoting the event by streaming an 8-minute preview of the film via their Anime Channel youtube account. The clip is currently available bot...
Apr 26 // Michelle Rodanes

Idol of the Week: Yui Aragaki

Name: Yui AragakiBirthdate: June 11, 1988Hometown: Nahashi, Okinawa, JapanHeight: 167cmBlood Type: A Yui Aragaki is a well-established actress, singer, and radio host. Throughout her career, she has appeared in a huge amount ...
Apr 26 // Michelle Rodanes

Golf and Nisemonogatari? Sure, why not?

SG Interactive’s golf MMORPG Pangya United has partnered with Aniplex USA to bring several in-game items inspired by Shaft's hit series Nisemonogatari. Starting today, players will be able to have their avatars “...
Apr 26 // Michelle Rodanes

KFC's Route 25 features fully-stocked bar

KFC is going places. The fast food chain recently opened a specialty restaurant in Japan featuring a fully-stocked whiskey bar. KFC Route 25, named in honor of the U.S highway route where it all began, is the first KFC joint ...
Apr 25 // Michelle Rodanes

Japan astronomers find most distant galaxy cluster

It was reported several hours ago that a team of researchers from the state-run Graduate University of Advanced Studies and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan have found a cluster of galaxies 12.72 billion light-y...
Apr 25 // Michelle Rodanes

Japanator Doesn't Recommend: Shocking Loud Voice

Don’t you hate it when vocalists get all the attention overshadowing other far more talented band members? Well, this is the complete opposite scenario. Dazzle Vision is a band composed of a singer with an odd but interesting vocal style, and a bunch of scrubs who make it very difficult for her to shine. Read more about after the jump!
Apr 25 // Michelle Rodanes

Panty & Stocking, Fractale, and more coming to home video

Funimation’s list of releases for the month of July features a little bit of everything. Gainax’s infamously divisive comedy Panty & Stocking and A-1 Pictures’ Fractale are joined by the classic cyberpu...
Apr 24 // Michelle Rodanes

Book of Bantorra coming to Xfinity Top Picks

Attention Comcast subscribers! Anime Network has just announced that starting May 1st, all 13 episodes of the seinen fantasy series The Book of Bantorra will be accessible via the Top Picks section of Xfinity On Demand. From ...
Apr 24 // Michelle Rodanes

Library War coming to the big screen in June

We just got our hands on two recently released trailers for Library War: The Wings of Revolution, the upcoming anime film adaptation of Hiro Arikawa’s Library War light novels. The film, directed by Takayuki Hamana (App...

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