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Apr 28 // Tim Sheehy

Production I.G. to adapt Sugiura's Sarasuberi

Last week Production I.G. announced plans to team with Colorful's Keiichi Hara for an upcoming animated feature. The film will be an adaption of the acclaimed 80s' historical manga Sarusuberi from the late Hinako Su...
Apr 26 // Tim Sheehy

Sakura-Con '14: post-con impressions

Whenever an event proves to be uneventful, less-than-impressive, or just generally underwhelming, I prefer to take a few days to really gather some perspective before unloading on it. That's not to say Sakura-Con was less-tha...
Apr 22 // Tim Sheehy

Blue Exorcist now available on Netflix streaming

Earlier today, Aniplex announced that Blue Exorcist, the complete series is now available for Netflix instant streaming. Although the series has been available via Hulu and Crunchyroll for some time, many users prefer Netflix...
Apr 18 // Tim Sheehy

Sakura-Con '14: Viz Media announce World Trigger headed to print

This afternoon Viz Media held their own Sakura-Con industry panel and although it could likely be described as brief, they did manage to excite us with an announcement or two. Most notably, that Daisuke Aishihara's action-pac...
Apr 05 // Tim Sheehy

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!! headed to Crunchyroll

The shonen-sports genre is one of a niche I usually avoid, and not because every show is terrible, they're not -- it's just that many of them seem so interchangeable. A group of down-trodden students join a club and bound tog...
Apr 05 // Tim Sheehy

Crunchyroll to stream Captain Earth

Crunchyroll will be adding Captain Earth to its growing list of anime set to stream this season. The series will premiere at 11:00 AM PDT on April 5th for premium members, with episodes available for free users a week after a...
Apr 04 // Tim Sheehy

Final Fantasy XIV now in open beta on PS4

If you've been waiting to experience Final Fantasy XIV on PS4, now's your chance. From now until April 7th, the game will be made available as an open beta using live servers, allowing you to venture into to the world of Hyda...
Mar 31 // Tim Sheehy

Video: Knights of Sidonia still looks awesome

Here's a look at the sixth and latest CM for Polygon Picture's upcoming adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei's Knights of Sidonia set to begin airing next month. It's one series I've been eagerly awaiting, but I admit I found my...
Mar 31 // Tim Sheehy

Video: Opening for Gonzo's Blade & Soul anime

I'm never quite sure if I'll ever fall in love with a series based on a popular MMORPG, mostly because I tend to avoid the genre like the plague. However, that's certainly not reason enough to avoid an anime altogether. If B...
Mar 28 // Tim Sheehy

Former Neon Alley subscribers to receive an extended trial for Hulu Plus

In a recent newsletter, Viz announced that members of the Neon Alley nation will be receiving a special extended trial for Hulu Plus. The offer is designed to supplement Viz's recent decision to end their digital broadcast se...
Mar 28 // Tim Sheehy

Schwarzenegger & Willis starring in new Kowa coffee ads

The latest bit of marketing for Kowa's new "Power" canned-coffee line features aging-action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis getting their hands dirty and shouting power at the top of their lungs. While it's...
Mar 25 // Tim Sheehy

Sentai licenses Haikyuu!!; announce July slate

Earlier today, Sentai Filmworks & Section23 Films unveiled their release schedule for the month of July. It's a pretty hefty list, and includes titles such as Devil Survivor 2, Photo Kano, Yuyushiki, Snafu, To Love Ru, Ga...
Mar 22 // Tim Sheehy

Spance Daddy; he's a daddy guy... in spance

Earlier this week, our friends over at Destructoid stumbled across this little Tumblr account chronicling the adventures of Spance Daddy. I wasn't sure it'd be worth sharing with everyone, but sadly I found the comic mor...
Mar 22 // Tim Sheehy

Suit up with Boomslank's "Ronin"

Our buddies at Boomslank have a new designer t-shirt worth checking out. Titled "Ronin," the design features a kneeling samurai decked out in a set of ouyori -- the classic armor donned by warriors during their feudal age. Th...
Mar 18 // Tim Sheehy

T.M. Revolution to perform themes for Disk Wars: The Avengers

Those of who you who've been eagerly awaiting Marvel's latest foray into the world of animation with Toei's Disk Wars: The Avengers may be pleased to learn that Takanori Nishikawa, more commonly known by his stage name T.M. R...
Mar 18 // Tim Sheehy

Shin Megami Tensei iOS on sale for a limited time

Our friends at Atlus have informed us that the original Shin Megami Tensei for iOS will be on sale for $5.99 for a limited time. That's $2 off the list price, and while it isn't exactly cheap by App store standards, it's cert...
Mar 15 // Tim Sheehy

Sword Art Online available on Netflix Instant Streaming

If you've been putting off watching Sword Art Online because the box sets cost more than you can afford to spend, and not because you've heard mixed reviews from all your friends, you're in luck. While your friends debate whe...
Mar 14 // Tim Sheehy

New trailer shows off Final Fantasy XIV 2.2 update

With the PlayStation 4 release just weeks away, Square Enix shared a video detailing some of the changes being made in the upcoming version 2.2 content patch for their flagship MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Titl...
Mar 11 // Tim Sheehy

Official launch trailer for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

I admit that I never finished Final Fantasy X -- I made it about half-way through before I ultimately gave up on the series, and its been a regret. While both entries are relatively beloved by fans, neither Final F...
Mar 11 // Tim Sheehy

Complete Madoka Magica Fone series now available for Android; iPhone edition in development

If you've been anxiously awaiting the complete collection of Puella Magi Madoka Magica fone apps for your favorite Android devices, your wait is finally over. In addition to previously released Madoka and Homura editions, the...
Mar 08 // Tim Sheehy

Final Fantasy Type-0 fan-translation to be released this August

For many of us, the effort to translate Final Fantasy Type-0 seemed like a project that would never near completion. The game released in Japan back in 2011, and while so many had been waiting on pins and needles for Square ...
Mar 08 // Tim Sheehy

17-Bit's Galak-Z headed to PlayStation Vita

In a recent posting on PlayStation.Blog, developer 17-BIT revealed plans to port their upcoming 2D shooter Galak-Z: The Dimensional to PlayStation Vita -- the game had been previously confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PC....
Mar 07 // Tim Sheehy

Attack on Titan news round-up; Phantasy Star, Sakura-Con and more

This week has seen its fair share of Attack on Titan-related news. To start, the official soundtrack has been licensed by Anime Limited, and is now available digitally through iTunes, Amazon UK and Google play. The rele...
Mar 04 // Tim Sheehy

L'Arc~en~Ciel to broadcast a concert at theaters across the US

Renowned Japanese rock act L'Arc~en~Ciel have announced plans to broadcast their upcoming concert at Japan's National Stadium on March 22nd live via satellite, allowing North American fans the opportunity to join in on the ex...
Feb 28 // Tim Sheehy

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends gets a next-gen comparison video

We're doubling down on Dynasty Warriors news today, though this time it isn't Gundam. There's something about smashing through endless hordes of mindless peons while listening to ethnic hair-metal that I find so very rewardi...
Feb 26 // Tim Sheehy

Ys: Memories of Celceta now available in Europe

It's been nearly four months since the North American release of Ys: Memories of Celceta, and nearly a year and a half since it debuted in Japan, but now the game has finally made its way to Europe. Hitting shelves earlier th...
Feb 24 // Tim Sheehy

New Squid Girl OVA trilogy slated for September

If you've been craving more Squid Girl, you won't have too long. A brand new, three-part original video animation will be released on Blu-ray disc September 9th in Japan --  a series first, as previous installments were ...
Feb 22 // Tim Sheehy

Kiki actress takes broom flight to promote upcoming film

They're really serious about promoting the upcoming Kiki's Delivery Service live-action film. So serious, that the studio had its star actress Fuka Koshiba suspended 15 meters in air from a crane while dressed in costume...
Feb 22 // Tim Sheehy

Hot new trailer for The Idolmaster: One for All

Here's the latest trailer for the latest entry in Bandai Namco's popular rhythm franchise and idol-management simulator, The Idolmaster: One for All. Like previous entries, Japanese gamers will have the opportunity to m...
Feb 19 // Tim Sheehy

Final Fantasy VII remake still not happening

A friendly reminder that everyone's favorite Final Fantasy will probably never receive a next-gen face-lift. This of course, was driven home by recent statements from series producer Yoshinori Kitase who, in an interview with...
Feb 18 // Tim Sheehy

Blue Dragon's Haruka releases new album

When an artist leaves a major record label and disappears from the industry, it takes a lot of drive and ambition to mount a comeback, let alone your own record label, but that's exactly what singer-songwriter Haruka has don...
Feb 17 // Tim Sheehy

New episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai to premiere this Spring

Excellent news for Dragon Ball fans who may have felt short-changed following the decision to nix the Majin Buu saga from the recently-remastered Dragon Ball Z Kai. New episodes are finally scheduled to air this Spr...
Feb 15 // Tim Sheehy

New Kill la Kill shirt pays homage to Tarantino

I would think by this point, everyone could agree that KILL la KILL favors style over substance, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of great show and films have done it over there years but nobody seems to embody t...
Feb 14 // Tim Sheehy

Japanator's Attack on Titan Valentine's gallery

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we've prepared a special gallery for you to share with friends and family. That's right, it's a set of Attack on Titan-themed Valentine's cards! We've been tweeting them out via our @Japanat...
Feb 14 // Tim Sheehy

The Dose: All Off

Hiroko's out for the remainder of the week, so I'm picking up where Josh left off yesterday with another dose of rock. This time, we're featuring the latest single from ALL OFF, "Say Goodbye" from their 2013 EP Soundtrack Fo...
Feb 13 // Tim Sheehy

Watch Sony's latest Japanese PlayStation 4 ad

Check out Sony's latest commercial for the PlayStation 4, set to launch in Japan on February 22nd. The ad features a multi-cultural cast of gamers and cosplayers who, rather than actually play anything, jump around and pose ...
Feb 12 // Tim Sheehy

Neon Alley transitioning to free on-demand

Brace yourselves. Viz Anime's subscription-based digital network Neon Alley has announced plans to transition to an on-demand service on April 1st, eliminating their subscription platform and live programming. Following the t...
Feb 08 // Tim Sheehy

The 2014 Winter Tokyo Wonder Festival is happening

Right now, collectible toy-enthusiasts all over the world are flocking to Japan for Tokyo Wonder Festival. The bi-annual event, held in Chiba each year, features the latest must-have garage kits and often provides fans with a...
Feb 04 // Tim Sheehy

Cloudbuilt takes ninja-platforming to the next level

Here at Japanator, we tend to be very picky when it comes to covering Western-developed games. When it comes to our gaming coverage, we typically stick to titles developed by Japanese developers or on rare occasions, titles ...
Feb 04 // Tim Sheehy

A behind-the-scenes look at Lightning Returns

Square Enix recently released a special behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming action-RPG Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The first part of an on-going series, titled "Inside the Square," features insights from some...

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