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monsterevo 's blog
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Don't worry guys, I'm single. Sadly, it might just remain that way for a long time. A real long time. (We can't all live the Key/ Visual Art's life)

Anyway, I'm real, breathing and beating, and living the high school life in California. Can't say it's the best, but hey, it's better than living a life like Grave of the Butterflies. Everyday I ride a magical, mystical elephant to school. It's white and has a weird name, "Toyota 4Runner."

I ain't gonna brag, but I'm riding a C- in trigonometry class right now, so yeah...

I'll talk about all the anime and manga later, but apart from that i am totally SHER-locked right now. Though my favorite show of all time is Downton Abbey. And how beautiful of a show it is!

To conclude, I'm your normal, everyday, average, commonplace, immigrant from across the Pacific, northern californian kid. Glasses and all.

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