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Apr 06 // Jon Snyder

First Impressions: Angel Beats!

Summary: An interesting concept dragged down by bland characters. Isn't it ironic that I'm writing a First Impressions about Angel Beats!, despite the fact that the show left very little impression on me whatsoever. I didn't ...
Apr 05 // Jon Snyder

Annotated Anime: Winter 2010 Week 13

With the new Spring Season shows getting underway, this post represents the last dying gasp of the 2010 Winter Season. In fact, since Kimi ni Todoke, BakaTest and Hanamaru Kindergarten are all ending this week, the last show ...
Apr 03 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Turning Japanese Edition

Have you ever wished you could turn into an anime character?Japanese gummaker Lotte has found a way to make that wish come true. According to their new ad, chewing Acuo gum will give you "nice breath" that can insta...
Apr 02 // Jon Snyder

Monthly Musing: The Case for K-ON!

Within the otaku community, there is no subject more polarizing than K-ON!, the music-themed slice-of-life anime that took Japan by storm last year. The ongoing debate about this show, much like recent American political rhet...
Apr 01 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Glenn Beck Edition

America, our nation is in crisis. Every day we lose more and more of our freedoms to Obama's socialist regime. Indeed, our very way of life is under attack by Nazis, Communists, and their evil Progressive spawn. In this dark ...
Apr 01 // Jon Snyder

America: The Gallery!

Do you know what the greatest country on Earth is? America, of course! Because all of us here at Americanator love our wonderful nation, we've put together a full day's worth of posts paying tribute to the awesomeness of Amer...
Mar 31 // Jon Snyder

Otaku Debate: Mikoto Misaka vs. Darth Vader

It's otaku debate time! Although Kanata had a strong showing last week, she still wasn't popular enough to knock Yui off her moeblob throne. Everybody's favorite K-ON! guitarist won 64% of the vote, over twice as much as Kana...
Mar 29 // Jon Snyder

Annotated Anime: Winter 2010 Week 12

Well, the Winter 2010 season is almost done, and many of our favorite series are coming to an end this week. That means that this post is far, far longer than usual, as our editors are taking this opportunity to offer thei...
Mar 28 // Jon Snyder

Haruhi dub cast announced, Christina Vee not included

Well, Bandai has announced the dub cast for Haruhi S2... and it's exactly the same as S1's cast. Yup, that means Wendee Lee (NOT Christina Vee) will be voicing moe goddess Haruhi Suzumiya. Here's the complete cast list:Haruhi...
Mar 27 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Decepticon Edition

Autobots, we have a problem.Megatron, having realized that he doesn't stand a chance against us in an honorable fight, has devised a devious new plan. He has found a new energon source known as "moe," which he is us...
Mar 24 // Jon Snyder

Otaku Debate: Hirasawa Yui vs. Sorami Kanata

Since we had a fairly unconventional Otaku Debate last week (with no clear winner), I figured we'd get back to the basics this week with a good old-fashioned character battle. However, this is no ordinary battle... it's an al...
Mar 22 // Jon Snyder

Random Curiosity to shut down in April

As if it wasn't bad enough that Railgun has ended, we've just been hit with another load of bad news. OMNI of Random Curiosity, one of the most prolific anime resources on the Internet, has announced his retirement from blogg...
Mar 22 // Jon Snyder

Annotated Anime: Winter 2010 Week 11

Ben! Brad! Jon! Karen! Jeff! By your powers combined, I am Annotated Anime! Beware of spoilers, and head to the forums to discuss these shows further. The recaps... ARE YOURS!
Mar 21 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Metal Gear Miku Edition

INCOMING CALLOtacon: Snaaaake! SNAAAAAAKE!Snake: What?Otacon: Well... you see... I was browsing YouTube...Snake: YouTube?Otacon: It's a website where people can upload videos. Usually they're stupid, but there are some funny ...
Mar 17 // Jon Snyder

Right Stuf licenses Dirty Pair

HELL YES! Nozomi Entertainment, the anime licensing and production branch of Right Stuf, has just made a huge announcement. They have licensed the greatest anime series of all time: Dirty Pair. That's the ORIGINAL Dirty Pair ...
Mar 17 // Jon Snyder

Tuesday Otaku Debate: What anime deserves a remake?

Okay, first things first. As you're probably aware, Japanator held a massive Gundam Battle Royale last week to determine, once and for all, the greatest Gundam series of all time. It was a close contest, but after carefully t...
Mar 16 // Jon Snyder

The Four Laws of Moe

It seems one of the biggest problems in the ongoing moe debate is the lack of any concrete definition for the term "moe." Therefore, after doing much research on TVTropes, Wikipedia and various anime sites, I've dec...
Mar 15 // Jon Snyder

Annotated Anime: Winter 2010 Week 10

Not much to say this time around, except...WE HAVE A FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD RECAP NOW! Thanks, Ben! Now all we need to do is add Naruto and Bleach recaps, and we'll be set for life! Anyhoo, you know the drill. Anime recaps below the break, in-depth discussion in our forums, watch out for spoilers, so on and so forth. Enjoy!
Mar 13 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Coke Bathtub Edition

Welcome to Vexing Vidoes, where I post stuff that will blast your sanity into oblivion.I know, that's a bit different from my usual catchphrase, but this week's first video is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen in my...
Mar 10 // Jon Snyder

Tuesday Otaku Debate: Gundam Battle Royale

Okay, so technically this is a WEDNESDAY Otaku Debate. Wanna fight about it? Although the Imperial Star Destroyer performed better than I expected last week, it still wasn't powerful enough to topple the mighty SDF Macross, w...
Mar 08 // Jon Snyder

Annotated Anime: Winter 2010 Week 9

Greetings, citizens of Japanator! Allow me to introduce myself. I am the mighty defender of justice and protector of the innocent known as FROGMAN!Huh? Jon Snyder? As far as I know, he's simply a mild-mannered writer who work...
Mar 06 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Japanese MythBusters Edition

Are you in the mood to have your ass blasted by a turbocharged toilet?This week's first video comes from a show called Toribia no Izumi, which I can only assume is some sort of Japanese version of Mythbusters. In the clip emb...
Mar 05 // Jon Snyder

FUNimation plans to censor Vampire Bund DVDs

Do the words "political sh*tstorm" mean anything to you?FUNimation just put out the following press release (emphasis added).FUNimation Entertainment is known for releasing the titles we license in their original, u...
Mar 02 // Jon Snyder

Tuesday Otaku Debate: SDF Macross vs Star Destroyer

Last week's debate results are in, and it looks like poor Bobby got the shaft. Yup, Leeron dominated the polls with an overwhelming 64% majority, easily trumping Bobby's 24%. Bon Clay was a popular write-in candidate, coming ...
Mar 02 // Jon Snyder

Monthly Musing: Does New Anime Suck?

It seems like you can't turn a corner these days without running into somebody who believes that the medium of anime is in a state of decline. You know the type; they love to reminisce about the halcyon days of their youth, w...
Mar 01 // Jon Snyder

Annotated Anime: Winter 2010 Week 8

Welcome to yet another edition of Annotated Anime! Normally, I'd be using this paragraph to introduce this week's post and maybe make a few witty quips about the anime I've been watching. However, for some reason, I'm having ...
Feb 28 // Jon Snyder

Japanator DOES NOT Recommend: Cat Girl Alliance

Rorschach's journal. February 28th, 2010. Moeblob carcass in the alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. The eroge industry is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. Their gameplay is nothing more than mindless ted...
Feb 27 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Bad Apple Edition

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Vexing Videos, where I post all kinds of weird sh*t that will confuse and amuse you. An old adage states that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", but it seems the endless...
Feb 23 // Jon Snyder

Tuesday Otaku Debate: Leeron Littner vs. Bobby Margot

Greetings, readers of Japanator. I have returned from the *ahem* Catgirl Empire facility on Sesharrim, and I'm all the better for it. The Imperial mind engineers sensed my weakness, and upgraded me to strengthen my resolve. A...
Feb 22 // Jon Snyder

Annotated Anime: Winter 2010 Week 7

Huh? Who are you? Oh, right... Greetings, readers of Japanator. I am Nyako, Private First Class of the Catgirl Empire Star Forces. I'm temporarily hosting Annotated Anime this week, as the catgirl formerly known as Jon has be...
Feb 20 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Space Catgirl Edition

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Vexing Videos! This is the column where I post all kinds of weird sh*t that will confuse and a... hey, what the hell? Who are you?Silence, insolent human! We are assuming control of th...
Feb 20 // Jon Snyder

Japanator Recommends: Interstella 5555

Ever wondered what Captain Harlock would look like on acid? Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem is a musical film collaboration between the French house artists Daft Punk and Toei Studios. On the surface, it...
Feb 19 // Jon Snyder

Cat Girl Alliance is out!

Say, remember that eroge with the futanari catgirls? Yeah, it was just released on Wednesday. I'm not sure how many of you folk are ero-gamers... but I've been assigned the task of reviewing the game, so expect me to post my ...
Feb 17 // Jon Snyder

Releases of the week - 02/17/10

It's a bit of a slow week, isn't it? There's not a lot of anime or manga being released right now, but there are also a few quality releases to make up for the lack of quantity. Halo: Legends, Claymore on Blu-ray and Lucky St...
Feb 16 // Jon Snyder

Tuesday Otaku Debate: Evangelion vs. RahXephon

Hey, look what column has made its triumphant return!In the anime world, Neon Genesis Evangelion is god. Ask your average otaku about it, and you're liable to get a long spiel about how it's a wonderful, groundbreaking and vi...
Feb 14 // Jon Snyder

Annotated Anime Winter 2010 Week 6

Ooh ooh, we're halfway there! Ooh ooh, livin' on a prayer!Yup, we're at the halfway point of the Winter 2010 season, and this week's AA post is longer than ever! We even have a new face; Brad Rice has joined the fun to recap ...
Feb 13 // Jon Snyder

Vexing Videos: Spiral Effect Edition

What do you get when you combine Mass Effect and Gurren Lagann?Welcome to another edition of Vexing Videos, where I post all kinds of weird sh*t that will confuse and amuse you. While I was scouring the internets for strange ...
Feb 13 // Jon Snyder

Weekend Waifu: Kashimashi Edition

The female-only version of Weekend Waifu is back!Since last week's post was devoted to yaoi lovin', I figured I'd placate our male readers this week with a little yuri. More specifically, I've chosen a series of images f...
Feb 10 // Jon Snyder

Haruhi film debuts at #7 in Japanese box office

The recently released Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya film has had a strong opening weekend, and managed to claim the #7 spot in the Japanese box office. While seventh place might not sound that impressive at first, keep in ...
Feb 08 // Jon Snyder

Endless Eight gets an R1 box set

The ASOS Brigade has posted another viral video... this time, revealing that the second season of Haruhi will be released as a single complete box set.And that's it. No release date, no info on pricing. Thanks for the non-annoucement, Bandai.Slow news day? What makes you say that? [Via Anime Vice]

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