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Long-form editorial from the community.

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Irothtin . Oct 29

Remake-Worthy: Lunar Legend Tsukihime

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Type-Moon and its works. I wrote a giant post about them earlier this year, for goodness' sake! And in said post, I mentioned the ever-dreaded Tsukihime anime adaptation. Or, if you really...   0

Irothtin . Jan 08

Check This Out: Type-Moon / The Nasuverse

[Hot on the heels of the last promoted story, here we have the first of many in 2013! Our good friend Irothin has stepped up to the challenge of this months blogging topic, and wants to introduce you guys to Type-Moon. If you...   0

Irothtin . Apr 25

Monday MADness: You Know My Name

[Irothtin is here to shake things up this week, folks. Enjoy his selection for this week's Monday MADness AMV! -- Brad] Code Geass is a about many things: fanservice, mecha, Pizza Hut...but it is perhaps at its best when...   0

Irothtin . Dec 27

Monday MADness: Go The Distance

[I am passing the AMV torch off to Irothtin for a week, I think you all will enjoy what he has in store. -Timmy] Here be spoilers!At its core, the Aim for the Top! duology is about fighting against astronomical odds, and suc...   0

Irothtin . Mar 02

Monthly Musing: Does new anime suck? Irothtin's Take

[Editors Note: This is a promoted Community Blog, written by one of our readers in response to March's Monthly Musing topic. If you would like to see your own Cblog on the front page, warm up your keyboard and write something...   0

Irothtin . Feb 18

Pierce the Heavens! Irothtin's look at Gurren Lagann

Wow, Gurren Lagann sure has been a popular Cblog topic lately. Great work, Irothin! Remember, readers, keep those Cblogs coming... if you write one we like, it just might wind up on the front page. Right, so.Tengen Toppa Gurr...   0

Irothtin . Dec 16

The Best Thing Ever: The World Only God Knows

[Next up lrothtin, who tells everybody about The World Only God Knows, a manga with an otaku who has no shame in his love of 2D ladies.  -Pedro]  How many of you have thought the thoughts conveyed in the above image...   0

Irothtin . Nov 08

The Best Thing Ever: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

[I always learn something new from you readers. And in the case of Irothtin, that would be about Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. I have a feeling I'll have to seek out a bunch of new series to watch and read by the end of this month...   0

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