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Hi, I'm a former newspaper journalist who got tired of having a front row seat to the death of print. There probably could be some interesting story there about a disenchanted reporter moving on to the greener pastures of the internet, but I blogged for Japanator back before I ever touched newspapers, so I kind of killed that narrative. Someone else will have to write that story.

I'm a New Yorker, married to a fellow otaku named Wilson (he's the best) in an apartment filled with anime figures and Magic:The Gathering cards (I like one of those things more than the other.) When not working for Jtor, I also do freelance writing and some art for a few other clients. I also cook dinner and try not to burn it any more than absolutely necessary.

My personal blog can be found at Otakusphere. Also, if you happen to like urban fantasy, you can check out my Amazon author page to see the books I've written.
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9:00 PM on 05.13.2014

Review: Princess Nine

At the beginning, I loved Princess Nine. It may be a cliche to say "I laughed, I cried!", but the fact is, I really did laugh and cry. The show seemed to be capable of doing something nigh-impossible: present a story unabashe...

Karen Mead

4:00 PM on 05.08.2014

Jtor AM 30: A Farewell to Bickering

It's the last episode of Jtor AM -- at least in this incarnation -- so we spend half of it arguing about you do. Somewhere in between telling each other to Check our Planetude, we still find the time to discuss...

Karen Mead

3:00 PM on 05.06.2014

Review: Ranma 1/2 Set 1

The wacky ensemble comedy of Ranma 1/2 occupies an interesting niche in Western anime fandom. The show wasn't likely to be someone's "first anime," in the way that contemporaries Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z generally w...

Karen Mead

9:00 PM on 05.02.2014

Jtor AM 29: Mocking Objectivism With Friends

This week, Tim continues his strange vendetta against Canadians, while the rest of the cast tries to make sense of the increasingly incomprehensible The Irregular At Magic High School. In other news, Hase from One Week Friend...

Karen Mead

8:00 AM on 04.30.2014

Annotated Anime: Brynhildr in the Darkness 4

Okay guys, the honeymoon is over. After being on a total Brynhildr high last week, the show just had to go and do something annoying -- actually, a whole bunch of annoying things -- and now I'm able to evaluate it like a...

Karen Mead

3:30 PM on 04.29.2014

Review: Blast of Tempest S2

There's something inscrutable about Blast of Tempest. Even now that I've had a few days to digest everything and figure out the answers to most of my lingering story questions, I still feel that there's something about the sh...

Karen Mead

1:00 PM on 04.25.2014

Annotated Anime: Brynhildr in the Darkness 3

This episode is full of super-convenient plot elements that I am nevertheless prepared to forgive. A random fire razes Kuroha and Kana's house, destroying what little of their medication remained? Contrived, but I will forgiv...

Karen Mead

1:00 PM on 04.24.2014

Jtor AM 28: Ping Pong, Adventure Time, and undercover Canadians

This week, Tim and L.B. reveal the dark, seedy underbelly of Sakura Con -- or they would have, if they were invited to any of the cool parties, but they were too busy waiting on lines for that. Meanwhile, Ben and I share our ...

Karen Mead

9:00 AM on 04.23.2014

Annotated Anime: Selector Infected WIXOSS 3

The show wastes no time delivering on the double face-off we were promised, only it's not as exciting as I would have hoped. Yuzuki loses hard to Akira because she's an idiot, while Ruko wins because she's been practicing WIXOSS every night with her awesome grandma -- I mean, they don't say that's why she won, but it totally is, right?

Karen Mead

5:00 PM on 04.18.2014

First Impressions: Nanana's Buried Treasure

This show probably sounds like a really good idea on paper. It's filled with cool concepts like treasure hunting and classrooms that attack you until you solve puzzles, but it's also filled with multiple girls in maid outfits...

Karen Mead

11:00 AM on 04.18.2014

Jtor AM 27: Are they going to school with ghosts?

This week, some staff members who shall remain nameless would rather have a Game of Thrones podcast then talk about silly Japanese cartoons all day. But alas, we are Japanator, not DaenerysTargaryenator, so we must perse...

Karen Mead

11:00 AM on 04.17.2014

Annotated Anime: Selector Infected WIXOSS 2

In this episode we learn that Yuzuki's whole fixation on her twin brother Kazuki is even worse than we thought, but she gets a reprieve when the show introduces Akira, who is such an awful person that everyone else looks fant...

Karen Mead