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LacknerWasH3re . Apr 11

Test the new Japanator Beta! New comments, new cblogs

I'm happy to announce that a new version of Japanator is in the works, and will soon be consuming the old site.  We've not changed much: simply removed some clutter, improved the blogging system, made it load faster, and...   0

LacknerWasH3re . Aug 16

Site maintenance today - Japanator gets Community Blogs!

Please pardon our bruising as we violently tentacle rape the site over the next few minutes.  We're adding a new feature to the site which will allow you to publish your own stories to Japanator and share them with the c...   0

LacknerWasH3re . Jul 25

Welcome to the new Japanator

Ladies and little girls, I'm proud to bring you the brand new Japanator.  It looks a lot like the old one for the moment... but it's running on an enterprise-level publishing system Tom wrote in a lucid dream called ElephantBlog. It's faster than Wordpress and doesn't make Brad cry when we get Dugg.  Nuff said.Expect big things in the near future.      0

LacknerWasH3re . Nov 03

About Japanator

Welcome to Japanator It's late at night, you're poking around the Internet, and after having finished the latest episode of Bleach or Naruto or whatever else is popular these days, you stumbled across Japanator. What is it? ...   0

LacknerWasH3re . Apr 06

Privacy Policy

Mini Privacy Policy:    In short, we do business based on Google's meme: "Don't be evil."    Japanator is a trusted community site so we hold ourselves to the highest privacy standards. Simply put -- We w...   0

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