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Webimpulse . Jan 13

The Manga Guide to Statistics Makes Learning Fun! (Author brick'd for cliche use.)

Manga readers everywhere are now beginning to understand the true power of manga as a global economic force. Just about everything these days is becoming manga-ized…Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel comics, you name it. So ...   0

Webimpulse . Aug 26

Madhouse is Iron Man, apparently - Marvel, Madhouse to create Iron Man anime

Maybe if the world was dominated by Marvel, that wouldn't be such a bad thing. (Unless it was by one of its supervillains.) Apparently Marvel thinks so too as they prepare to unleash their superheroes upon another s...   0

Webimpulse . Aug 23

Japanese Team Hoping to Find the Domo-ku-- I mean Yeti in Nepal

Apparently everyone loves the Yeti. None more so, it looks like, than a team of Japanese mountain climbers who are going on a mission to encounter the Yeti in Nepal. Takahashi Yoshiteru, 65, has formed an elite team of six to...   0

Webimpulse . May 22

Hiroshima bear armed with baseball bat can own Kung Fu Panda

 Yeah, I'm looking at you, Jack Black. Meet your nemesis. An Asiatic black bear at the Hiroshima City Zoo named Claude showed his awesomeness to visitors recently via his kung fu-like prowess at playing with a stick...   0

Webimpulse . May 19

Chronicles of the Anime Shugyosha - Grave of the Fireflies

shugyosha – student warrior.Chronicles of the Anime Shugyosha, or CotAS, is a column where I, Webimpulse, review classic anime. Compared to the other writers on Jtor, I’m pretty new to the medium of anime. That&rs...   0

Webimpulse . May 14

On Final Fantasy Tactics and personal accountability

I know I brought up a lot of personal feelings from people when I brought up World War II in my last post, and while it was my intention to stir up debate, I didn’t know it’d end up as passionate as it did. And, w...   0

Webimpulse . May 08

World War II - just war or not? A glimpse at the book "Human Smoke"

I’m not sure where the readers of Jtor stand on such thorny subjects as that of World War II, but I’m about to do something to find out by highlighting a book that recently came to light in the US national media. ...   0

Webimpulse . Dec 11

Armored Core 4 to get more...armory with Armored Core For Answer

I don’t know about the rest of you Jtor readers, but I’m a big Armored Core fan. Been one since Armored Core 2 came out for the PlayStation 2 -- I know that doesn’t make me die-hard old-school, but at l...   0

Webimpulse . Nov 11

Why I should wear helmets to J-rock concerts (or: Melt-Banana concert review, Rochester, NY 11/6/07)

Right now, as I’m typing this concert review, one question is ringing through my mind as my ears ring their post-concert protests: how could I have possibly survived the awesomeness that is Melt-Banana?The concert was e...   0

Webimpulse . Aug 19

Chronicles of the Anime Shugyosha - Ghost in the Shell 1 and 2

Hello again Jtor,As you can see, this new post of Chronicles of the Anime Shugyosha comes amidst the reconstruction and relaunch of Japanator. We all hope you like it’s new awesomeness, and, well, I at least figured: wh...   0

Webimpulse . Jul 02

Chronicles of the Anime Shugyosha: Trigun

Hello fair readers of Jtor, Seeing as I haven’t posted to the site much prior to this post, you probably don’t know that much about me. However, one thing you might guess about me judging from what I have posted so far...   0

Webimpulse . May 17

For the uncultured gaijin - Tokyo screening of Japanese film classics with English subtitles

For all those English-speaking gaijin living in Tokyo (oh, how I wish I was there) who happen to love movies, consider this your wake-up call - six classic Japanese films are going to be screened in Tokyo's Akasaka Kumin Ce...   0

Webimpulse . Feb 04

Kadokawa to sell films via BitTorrent

BitTorrent - it's not just for downloading fansubbed anime anymore. Kadokawa Holdings has recently announced that it will make a collection of over 200 films from its Kadokawa Herald Pictures library available to (legitimat...   0

Webimpulse . Dec 17

First Impressions - Gantz

Hello, my name is Webimpulse and I’m a new writer for Japanator. *takes a bow* Rather than bore you with all the sordid details of my life to date, I figured I’d give you some insight into the kind of anime I like (and ...   0

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